18 months delivery time: new fire truck not due until 2022

The new logistics truck for the Werdohl fire department will look something like this. Unlike this photo of a vehicle for the Neudenau fire department, the Werdohl car does not have a double cab

The city ordered an urgently needed fire truck on Tuesday – but the logistics equipment truck has a manufacturing time of 18 months and will probably be delivered in early 2022.

By then, the new fire station at Grasacker should also be in place. The new car is so large that it only fits in the new building.

Florian Block is responsible for awarding contracts in the city. The awarding committee had already decided some time ago to award the contract to two specialist companies, but in the course of the Europe-wide invitation to tender, deadlines for legal certainty had to be waited for first. These have now elapsed, the city has placed the order. The total value of the new vehicle is 324,000 euros.

Company has the chassis delivered

The company Hensler Fahrzeugbau in Waldbrunn has the chassis delivered and builds the whole car around it including engine and cabin. The standardized roll containers also come from the Hensler company. The contents of the containers, i.e. the firefighting equipment for the vehicle, are supplied by the Carl Henkel company from Bielefeld.

The long delivery time is fine with fire chief Kai Tebrun. Although the small emergency vehicle used so far is getting on in years and has already undergone a number of repairs, it will certainly last for the next year and a half. Tebrun also pointed out that many manufacturers are experiencing delivery delays due to the Corona pandemic.

Contents of the trolley optimally assembled

The wheeled trolleys on the new equipment truck are optimally arranged for the fire department’s various uses. When selecting the material, Kai Tebrun was assisted by Lars Dittmann from the Stadtmitte fire department. Some of the containers are already available, some were ordered along with the car, some will be purchased as early as next year. These trolleys contain, among other things, special extinguishing agents such as metal fire powder, ABC powder and CO2 fire extinguishers.

There is room for lots of standardized roll containers in the body of the truck

One container is equipped with special equipment for forest fires, for example, when a water extraction point is to be set up with a self-erecting 10,000-liter storage tank.

Portable pump, binding agent and sandbags

Another container contains accessories for a portable fire pump, which is a portable fire pump that is operated by a genset. The obligatory materials for the unloved oil spill operations must also not be missing on the new vehicle: Binding agent, broom and traffic cone. The new vehicle also has sandbags on board.

One of the trolleys is equipped with respiratory equipment as a reserve. A special mention goes to a roll container for used fire hoses. Until now, dirty hoses have had to be reloaded by hand several times before they arrive at the fire center to be cleaned. The new standardized wheeled container ensures that hoses can be cleaned after use when deployed without detours or extra work.

Also prepared for an animal rescue

Tebrun lists further accessories: A multifunction vacuum cleaner, a deployment tent and a deployment site protection system with flashing beacons. One of the containers is also equipped for animal rescue: Dog box, landing net and snares are on board.

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