15 Years twitter: politics between visions and muhlen

15 years Twitter: Politics between visions and Muhlen

To the 15. Birthday balances Twitter a coarse construction site. Coarse and boss Jack Dorsey has an evolution in mind, the Twitter should bring far over the usual short message format. This is obediently obeying tweets with the name "Fleet", the "Spaces"-Talks according to the pattern of the popular start-ups Clubhouse, and in the future even the possibility to sort tweets of their own algorithms. In addition, Twitter tests (English word for "chirping") Make the possibility of paying subscribers exclusive content or offers.

Controversial content – consistent approach

Dorseys Vision: Twitter is supposed to be the place where one learns what happens – and get it back. The way there is rocky. How do each one finds the most important tweets in the flood of millions of news? How to ensure that the sound remains civilized as the operator? And that the platform is not used to manipulate public opinion – as in the coarse-extended Russian campaign for the US prassidental election 2016?

To prevent the latter, Dorsey dared a radical cut: Since the end of 2019, Twitter has no tweets for political ies spread more than ads. Nevertheless, the past year became a fire sample for dealing with controversial content. Twitter decided for a consistent approach to tweets with false or misleading information about the coronavirus and the US prasident election. Driving the conflict between Twitter and its most powerful user – the now former US Prasident Donald Trump – on the top.

Trump spreads Fake News

For Trump was the Twitter profile with more than 80 million subscribers of the most important communication channel. Twitter deared him under reference to the time-historical meaning of his tweets long, among other insults, for the usual users had to get along quickly. But in the spring of the year 2020, Trump crossed the red lines so far that the fragile survival was crashed.

Trump claimed in tweets that the postal vote in the Corona crisis reached the risk of fraud – and thus prepared the ground for his later tries to tilt the legitimate election result. Twitter won a trump tweet after the other with warnings. The Republicans cited Dorsey several times from Congress Excessions and tried to narrow the leeway of online platforms when approaching users and content.

Twitter under prere

"Mr. Dorsey, who to Holle she has chosen and commissioned, to decide what the media reports can be reported and what the American people can learn?", Brull the Republican Senator Ted Cruz the Twitter boss shortly before the US election. After the attack of Trump appendants on the Capitol, Twitter banned the then reigning prasident – and stressed that there is no way to the platform for him.

This conflict could still prepare twitter a headache when republicans should raise control over the US Congress. Also elsewhere is Twitter under prere: Russia throttled the service and threatens with a blockade.

Trump vs. Twitter – attack on freedom of expression? # Of 04.06.2020

"It is an airplane in the Hudson"

The start of the service were far not so controversial. A tweet on 15. January 2009, the whole world clearly made the potential of the platform in which every news can share. "It is an airplane in the Hudson", Twittered the software entrepreneur Janis Krums his photo of a passenger machine emergent in New York river, which he had made on a ride in Hudson. in the "Arab spring" – the protests, the Egypt, Libya and Tunisia – helped Twitter’s movement and became an important instrument of the demonstrators.

The fast Twitter reaction of the Keksmark Oreo during a power failure during the Superbowls 2013 – "You can also do in the dark" – showed companies how to quickly get into conversation.

Dorseys Performance as Twitter boss

His money deserves Twitter with advertising. At the core you pay for Dafur to bring tweets into the Timelines of the users. After a long thirst for thirst, Twitter has arrived with the model now firmly in the black numbers. How many users have the service, meanwhile, do not know exactly. Twitter has been called for some time only the number of seasons that can be achieved via the on-site app or the web with advertising. Most recently there were 192 million.

With Dorseys Performance as Twitter boss, however, many investors are not satisfied. This does not only have to do with the comparatively low sales figures that can not keep up with Facebook or Google. Even the stock price has developed only Mau.

"just setting up my twttr"

Critics threw Dorsey to be attractive to certain innovation topics only half-heartedly. So he missed it, the live video streaming service periscope to succeed, the Twitter had bought in Marz 2015. Instead, the Chinese technology company was able to occupy this segment with Tiktok. The PERISCOPE app will be discontinued at the end of Marz. After all, the live functionality in the Twitter app itself was integrated.

Meanwhile, Dorsey still tries a very different way to make money with tweets. He just auctions a digital copy of his first Twitter message. The Tweet of 21. Marz 2006 with the words "just setting up my twttr" ("I only set my twttr") is the oldest message that is available on the platform. The highest offer is $ 2.5 million (about 2.1 million euros). Dorsey wants to donate the money.

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