15 examples and inspiration for automotive ads

Nowadays we are bombarded with information from almost every direction, so it’s understandable why people start trusting ads less.

This may be true, but if you work in the automotive industry, you still need to inform your audience about a new car release, a new offering, etc. Inform.

Competition may be fierce, but at the same time, there are a limited number of car manufacturers and many car dealers who need to prove their competitive advantages.

To help you out, I’ve decided to share with you a list of automotive ad examples that you can use for inspiration or even as a starting point for your design work.

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Part 1 – Automotive ad designs as templates in Creatopy . Available

I have decided to split this article into two different parts.

This first one covers some of the best automotive templates available in Creatopy. In part two, I’ll show you some of my favorite ads that have already been used by automotive companies.

Let’s take a look at the templates first. Here is the list of our favorites.

Enjoy the power of a clear design

The best way to start designing automotive ads is to start clean and use white space, typography and complementary colors. Play around with text and images, try to place an attractive and memorable call-to-action, and of course don’t forget to use your logo.

Here is an automotive ad template that you can start using right away.

Template for sold cars

Note the word at the top of the car: SOLD. Using the color red along with a large font manages to stand out and catch the attention of consumers.

Another good example of a template you can take inspiration from has similar elements to the design above.

In this case, however, the image is no longer generic, as it shows the advertised car.

Also, the visual is divided into two sections: one that showcases the car, and one for the text. This separation makes the ad easier to read and gives the entire banner an overall clearer look.

Here is the template.

Audi Ad Template

You can choose a design similar to the ones above, especially the last one, by splitting the screen horizontally into two parts – one for the copy and one for the design.

White space is still there and so are the visual elements I mentioned above.

Here is another template that you can start with right away.

Automotive Offers Template

Advertise car related products

If you are advertising an industry like automotive, it is recommended to create offers for secondary products or car accessories.

The following example of a banner template shows how you can advertise motor oil, a product that every car owner will need at some point or another.

The important part in customizing this template is to place your logo in a visible place and make sure that the consumer not only focuses on your offer, but can also see your logo.

It’s good for brand awareness and building a community around your brand.

Motor Oil Ad Template

Focus on the product

It’s always a good idea to focus on the product, because that’s what you want them to focus on in the first place, or? So why not take advantage of this?

The automotive industry offers you amazing opportunities that allow you to focus on the product. Most cars come with great press kits so you have free access to high quality images to choose from.

Here is an example.

Sell Cars Ad Template

As you can see, it is based on a professional image of a nice car with copy in a readable font. You can also see the company logo placed in the most visible corner of the banner.

Another good example that follows a similar pattern shifts the focus from a general image to the image of a specific product.

Car Rental Ad Template

The product is the focus and you can also see the white space, readable typography and balance between the three specific areas that make up the banner.

This is a classic and effective banner template for automotive industry that should never fail.

Use a background

It’s always a good choice to add a background to your banner, be it an image or a pattern/color. However, it is a good choice as long as the background helps you tell the story you are advertising.

And yes, as marketers or advertisers we need to tell stories even if we want to communicate an offer.

When using a background, you need to think about two aspects.

First, you need to consider the typography and text color so that they are easy to read for your audience.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the background not only matches your message, but also your color choice, especially your brand colors.

Car Wash Ad Template

Use visual elements that stand out from the crowd

A banner may not always look like the story of a website in terms of colors or design. However, it can capture the main focus of the viewer when designed in this way.

Book Car Ad Template

For this reason, making it glossy can sometimes be a good choice. But I’m not referring to replicating something that resembles the spammy and annoying eye-catching banners that were around at the time. Instead, you should create a modern banner like the example above.

In the next example, we have the contrast between yellow and black, while two-thirds of the banner is based on white space with a visible message.

Car Brakes Ad Template

Try the direct approach

A direct approach means the focus is on the message and there are no other distractions on the banner.

This is one of the easiest designs to implement, as all you need is a good call-to-action and strong, clear copy. To achieve this, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your ad.

Here is a simple but effective template that you can use to start creating your campaign.

Car Rental Ad Template

The visual is divided into three sections: the service offered, the call-to-action, and the price.

The background tells the audience what the banner is about, and the lower part of the ad serves as a branding area and nothing more.

There can be no simpler banner than the one above. And yet, because of its simplicity and the way it communicates the message, it can be effective.

Try the emotional approach

To be successful as a marketer or advertiser, you need to speak the language of your audience. This means that you should always follow the current trends and adapt your strategy to how the audience behaves, what their values are, what their expectations are and what their needs are.

Nowadays, people tend to share a great interest in the environment. It could be one of the biggest movements of the century.

The following ad template shows how you can use this or any other trend to effectively market your product.

Template for electric cars

Part 2 – Real life automotive ad designs that can inspire you immediately

The second part of this article focuses more on ads that have already been used by large companies in the automotive industry.

Although these are not templates you can find in Creatopy, they can still be used as an amazing source of inspiration for campaigns.

Take your creativity to the next level

In most cases, an ad does more than just showcase the product. It can tell a story through carefully chosen images or through a thoughtful concept that takes the viewer into another dimension.

Take, for example, the following ad from Ford. It’s an image designed for tires, which are an important benefit for cars.

The ad combines the impact of a strong and straightforward call-to-action with a contextual design. The copy is perfect because it is short, easy to read and remember.

At the same time, it’s a great design concept because it transcends the scope of the ad and takes the viewer to another dimension.

Ford car ad

Another good example of a creative ad comes from Audi.

It has managed to combine several elements into an ad that not only grabs attention, but at the same time makes you want to look closer to see what caught your attention in the first place.

The elements Audi uses are, of course, typography, brand visuals, white space and graphic elements.

The ad has an asymmetry that triggers an immediate reaction in the brain that makes the viewer pay attention and read the entire text.

It also combines the above elements in a modern style that appeals to younger generations. At the same time, there is a lot of attention to detail that shows professionalism.

Get your audience to focus on multiple elements at once

One of the best strategies in design is to divide your visual into two or three parts, each sending a message and you being able to deliver a story overall.

It is difficult to put it into simple words. Here is a good example to help you get an idea of the concept.

The ad was created by Bridgestone to promote their tires. Tires are essential to any vehicle, so the ad shows the product below.

In the top half, the focus is divided by the logo and the message. These are separated by white space, making them even more visible to the person viewing the ad.

Use a metaphor to describe the benefits

As I mentioned earlier, people love stories. And sometimes you can tell a story without words. You can do this by including a powerful image to serve as a metaphor and make an impact with consumers.

Here is an example that explains it better.

The image shows the result after a crash car test. Only in this case the “measured” safety refers to the environment and the small impact of the car model on it.

Pretty clever if you ask me. At the same time, it’s pretty effective, considering that fossil fuel consumption has the same impact on the environment as a wall hitting a car’s body at full speed.


The automotive industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. However, competition is fierce and to make the most of your marketing campaigns, you need to come up with something new, something that will attract the audience and make them click on your ad.

The above examples will give you the inspiration you’re looking for when designing ads that highlight your campaigns. At the same time, you can use our templates that allow you to start working on your ads right away.

Sign up for your Creatopy, get into the editor and use your creativity to design impressive campaigns.

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