14 Oskar nominations for the downfall of titanic

Small crampers must not really be accused of the co-producers of the currently successful Titanic Film, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox,. With more than 200 million. $ Production costs had been predicted to the movie before the theatrical release a financial flop. The realitat has been repeatedly redesigned such grit making. Since the theatrical release on 8. January in Germany, more than 4 million Germans have already seen the film, over $ 400 million have been implemented worldwide and the youngest news that the film was nominated for 14 Oskars, does a short, Titanic appear as a milestone in the youngest film history.

Any criticism that stobides the weak content of the uberdimensional canvas drama is thus in vain for the above and became just like the conventional pereisere of European culture criticism. The record number of Oskar nominations, which has not been given since 1950, but should already be worth a comment. It may be that the "Academy Award" Never much more was as a public relations instrument Hollywoods. Maybe I wound crooked from the outset if I have ever thought of that in the nominations in which mainstream sponginess, content or qualitative aspects still play a role played. But with the 14 Oskar nominations for a distant film, this prize is now a subsequent confirmation of what has previously changed in the cinemas already most successfully, like a perpetuum mobile of commercial success.

Certainly, a nomination does not mean to actually receive an Oskar. And surprisingly, z.B. the British movie "The Full Mounty", When it comes to unemployed manner, who now earn their money as a stripper, with "Titanic" To compete for the best movie award. Have "The Full Mounty" FLAPE 10 MILL. $ Costed and the fourfold already recorded. So the price world is still okay if such a dwarf may compete?

But we prefer to ame that Oskar nominations are a highly political thing. Then the 14 nominations for the Titanic point above all that Hollywood sits in a mess. The production costs for programmed strain sweeps have been exploded in recent years. And a whole series of films whose only idea it is to play money, could not match the expectations, such as Kevin Costneržs Waterworld. Even a giant budget and high-tech effects can not prevent guaranteed mammables that a movie can also flop. Since the Hollywood production companies are on the borse, such flops send deep shock waves through the industry and make it more difficult to raise budgets for future gross productions.

There comes "Titanic" For the reoperation of trust in Hollywood’s ability to produce gigantic success films with gigantic budgets, very situated.

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