10 tips to make your bread from the breadmaker a real success

In this guide we want to give you some tips and tricks to make their own bread from the bread machine a perfect bread. Although these kitchen appliances take a lot of work off your hands, there are still a few points to consider when operating and using them.

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Tip 1: Pay attention to the footprint

When kneading a loaf of bread in the bread machine act strong forces and therefore the devices usually come to vibrate slightly. Therefore, it is important that you place the bread maker on a place on a smooth surface and this is stable. Otherwise it could be that the device makes itself independent and perhaps falls down.

Tip 2: The baking pan must fit the recipe

Or better said: the baking pan must sufficiently large its for the preparation of the bread. In all bread recipes for bread machines is indicated how much bread from it becomes. Check the manual of your appliance for the maximum size of the bread. This is stated by each manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Bread slices

Homemade bread

Depending on the size and quality of your machine, bread sizes between 500 g to 1.5 kg of bread can be considered here. Of course, there are exceptions that deviate down or up.

If the bread recipe says a larger quantity than your bread machine can do, make a smaller quantity. All recipes can be divided by two or even by four. Of course, you can prepare a smaller quantity in a larger baking pan in the machine. You just have to be careful not to bake a larger quantity than fits. Otherwise you can use their Breadmaker can be badly damaged or destroy it completely.

Tip 3: Ingredients at room temperature

All ingredients from the bread recipe are ideally at room temperature. D.h. you have put them out some time before, if you have refrigerated them. Of course, this is always the case with milk, for example, if you keep it in the refrigerator. But also water should definitely have room temperature and not be taken cold from the tap.

Tip 4: Fill the baking pan outside the breadmaker

Baking pan in bread machine

Baking pan in the bread machine

One mistake that many people make is to put all the ingredients into the baking pan in the machine. This means that some of the bread is missed and the machine gets dirty. You have to clean everything afterwards.

That’s why it’s much better to take the baking pan out of the machine to break in the ingredients

Tip 5: Pay attention to the yeast

It is well known that yeast will die if it comes into contact with water or. Liquid on. Therefore, the yeast should not come into contact with the liquid until the preparation is running. Especially in the case of the Timer function (programmed baking time) must therefore be ensured that the yeast does not come into contact with the liquid. For this purpose, the bread makers have their own compartments, which are only opened when the timer gives the signal to do so.

Tip 6: Choose the appropriate program

To set the bread maker there are usually different settings on the device for the baking result. You often come across baking programs like:

  • Full Grain
  • light
  • quickly
  • normal
  • and many more

For this purpose there are usually different degrees of browning. To start with, we would always recommend the normal program with medium browning. This applies to most recipes for bread and of course you can try out different settings over time.

Tip 7: Add nuts or fruit later

If you make a bread recipe that contains so-called sensitive ingredients, then you should add them only at the end of the kneading phase. This way they are not completely disintegrated and the bread tastes better. For example, if you put in sunflower seeds, then at the end of the kneading phase. Bread makers with timer function have a separate compartment for this, which is then only opened at the end.

Tip 8: Take a look at the breadmaker just before the end

Even if you have followed the recipe exactly and all the settings on the machine are correct, you should still check the machine 15 minutes before the end of the kneading phase. Depending on which recipe you have, it could be, for example, that ingredients have settled on the walls of the baking pan and are no longer kneaded along.

You should then loosen them so that they are distributed in the bread. Another story is that sometimes there is too little water in the machine and the bread is much too dry. This is usually due to the flour absorbing too much water. Because this depends on the variety. In this case, you should add small amounts of water until you notice that the bread dough binds

Tip 9: Re-baking in the oven

If you take the bread out of the breadmaker and notice that it is still just too moist inside, then you can bake it again in the oven. We recommend in the first step ca. 20 minutes at 180 ° C to leave the bread in the oven.

This happens only very rarely, but if too much liquid was in the baking pan it can happen.

Our conclusion

As you can see there are some tips and tricks with which you can get even better bread from the breadmaker. We hope to have given you some useful hints with our guide and of course we are looking forward to your suggestions and comments in the comment field below.

I am Alex and operator of testsguide.de. I hope you enjoyed and found our article helpful. If you have any questions about this topic, just write to me in the comments section. I am also grateful for your feedback. With your evaluation we can write in the future still better councellors. Many thanks, Alex

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