10 steps for a clean car interior after winter

The first rays of spring sunshine finally tempt you back onto the road. But the traces that the winter has left in your car, put you back into nasty winter depression? Then it’s time to banish the gray dust once and for all and let spring move into your vehicle as well.

Spring cleaning not only brings back driving fun and a feel-good atmosphere, but also takes care of your health at the same time. With our guideline, you’ll get a crisp guide on how to clean your car’s interior yourself cheaply and easily in just 10 steps.

In our video we show you how to use all the tips in just 3 minutes.

In this way, you remove the last remnants of snow, mud and salt from the car

Preparation is the key

When choosing a location, make sure there is an available power connection for the vacuum cleaner. At gas stations or car washes, coin-operated vacuum cleaners are often available to help you clean the interior otherwise.

1.) Trash out!


2.) Cleaning the floor mats

Next, the loose carpets are vigorously knocked off and then vacuumed off.

In winter you always carry snow into the car with your shoes. Practically, the floor mats absorb the moisture, but they can never dry completely due to the constant cold weather. They form a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

To clean the mats thoroughly, we therefore recommend spraying on a carpet cleaner and brushing it in thoroughly. After the complete car cleaning, the carpets should be dry again and you can put them back to their original place.

3.) Vacuuming

With a vacuum cleaner you can now clean the footwell from gravel, leaves and dirt. Don’t forget to vacuum under the seats as well. Often the devices come with different nozzle attachments, which you can also use to get into all the cracks and corners quite easily.

4.) Clean seats

Car cleaning

First, lightly dampen the seat covers with a wet microfiber cloth. In the next step you can apply the cleaner to the entire seat. In fact, stains should never be treated in isolation. If you only clean small areas at a time, unsightly water spots and edges can remain when drying.

Tip: The Sonax upholstery foam cleaner can be effortlessly vacuumed or wiped off afterwards.

5.) Leather care

A lot of care is not only important for our skin in winter. The leather in the car is also very stressed by the cold and can become dry and rough. A suitable care product acts like a balm on the sensitive material. After application with a soft cloth, you should allow the care to soak in so that a protective film can form. Leather care from Liqui Moly, for example, keeps the surface supple for a long time and provides a pleasant scent.

6.) Clean the cockpit

Car cleaning

When you are on the road it is always a good idea to have some cockpit wipes in the glove compartment. These also provide in between shine and pleasant smell.

7.) Clean the windows

If you were annoyed with tarnished windows in winter, you should definitely clean your windshield once from the inside. Dust, moisture and nicotine can form a film of dirt that clings to the glass and continues to smear over time. Our faithful friend, the microfiber cloth, together with a window cleaner, removes grease and dirt and makes the window streak-free clean again.
In our video we recommend the Armor All windscreen cleaning agent

8.) Clean the baseboards

The first impression counts! Even though you may not consciously notice it, the first thing we usually look at when we get in the car is the baseboard. Logically, this gets dirty in the long run due to the constant getting in and out of the car. But with two simple steps you can already achieve an enormous effect:

1. Vacuum the baseboards

2. Wipe damp with an interior cleaning spray

And this makes getting into the car even more enjoyable.

9.) Rubber care stick

Car cleaning

At temperatures far below freezing point, it can happen that the car door freezes shut. Sometimes the only thing that helps is tugging and pulling. But in the process, the rubber seals are subjected to immense strain. This makes them more brittle and permeable and so the vicious circle starts all over again. To prevent ice in the door frame, you should therefore always try to keep the rubber dry.

The glycerin in the Sonax rubber care stick displaces water and moisture while still keeping the silicone nice and supple. The care of the door rubber is among other things an all-season task, because also here the principle applies: Forewarned is forearmed.

10.) Clean out the trunk

And last but not least, it’s time for the trunk too. In winter it is almost impossible to do without windshield de-icer, ice scraper or anti-frost windshield agent. Because they are not only useful helpers in situations where you are in a hurry, but they also guarantee safer driving. However, all these things also require a lot of storage space, which can be used elsewhere in spring and summer. So off to the cellar with it!

Car cleaning

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Regularly vacuum out and leather care can have a great effect. It will never stink normally! Thanks for the tips!

Hey Greco,
Thanks for your comment. You are right. If you clean your car regularly, you shouldn’t have any problems with stink&

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