Zulangsrisen: the eu stakes the auto industry

Zulangsrisen: the eu stakes the auto industry

Brussel, 7. June 2012 – Under massive prere of ever-stronger worldwide competition, Europe’s automakers are looking for support in national governments and the EU Commission in Brussel. More public money, one "Clever and selective" Legislation as well as trade efforts for the better opening foreign market are necessary. These are nucleations of a report by top representatives of the industry, politics and unions about the competitiveness of the EU auto industry in the coming years.

Help for the auto industry

Industrial Commissioner Antonio Tajani said on Wednesday in Brussel, he wanted to increase a demand for eco-friendly vehicles by 50 percent on the price of 1.5 billion euros. Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne stressed, the industry by no means that the cost of restructuring is borne by the taxpayers. These costs will carry you yourself. This year, 12.4 million cars are sold in Europe, three million less than before the financial crisis and as little as 1996. The number of workers fell by around 12 percent to 12 million. The exports, however, reached a new record of 160 billion euros in 2011. Increasing the industry in Europe at more expensive cars – otherwise to violently borrowed foreign marketes such as China and the USA.

In the report of the working group "Cars21" The need is stressed to receive production in the EU. To the members of the "Cars21"-Among other things, group of companies Dieter Zetsche (Daimler), Sergio Marchionne (Fiat) and Philippe Varin (Peugeot) as well as seven members of the EU Commission and the German Minister of Economics Philipp Rosler. However, the auto industry must eliminate coarse busy capacity, especially in small cars and especially in the sadial Europe,. These were not quantified because the numbers are also controversial between companies. "It seems as above the existing capacity considerable the expected production in the coming years", it only means in the report. There are significant differences between individual companies and countries.

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