Zf open plant for hybrid modules

Zf open plant for hybrid modules

Schweinfurt, 7. May 2008 – The ZF CEO Hans-Georg Harter and the Federal Minister for Economy and Technology Michael Glos have on the 7. May in Schweinfurt Open the first production lit in Germany for the production of hybrid drive modules. The electric motors manufactured by ZF Sachs are provided for use in parallel hybrids. According to ZF, fuel savings and emission cuts of up to 30 percent can be achieved, depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with a mild hybrid or a fully hybrid drive.

First customer is Mercedes-Benz
At its new location, ZF Sachs hybrid modules can produce 10 to 100 kW and maximum torques between 100 and 1000 nm. First customer is Mercedes-Benz. At the end of February, the Stuttgart manufacturer announced the Mercedes S 400 Bluehybrid as a production vehicle and presented a new diesel engine generation in April, which is also provided for hybrid concepts.

Small and cost-effective
ZF distributes the hybrid modules under the name "Dynastart". The module can be mounted directly between the engine and gearbox on the crank or gear input shaft and allows the "classic" hybrid functions such as start-stop, recuperation in push phases and, of course, the electromotive support in acceleration. Since in parallel hybrid, in contrast to the power-mounted hybrid, only one electric motor power into the powertrain feeds, and this is done parallel to the internal combustion engine, a hybrid drive with dynastart according to ZF is cost-effective and requires less space.

Eight projects in the pipeline
Currently, according to ZF, there are a total of eight series development projects for four vehicle manufacturers who start production between 2008 and 2012. ZF is planning the production start at all with a capacity of 35.000 units per year, the production hall can, however, on a rusty outpoint of 200.000 units are expanded. Series production should be included in the fourth quarter of 2008.

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