Youtube raser condemned for a fitting totung

The motorcycle raser, who felt a pensioner in a filmed excursion, was sentenced to Bremen: 2 years and 9 months custody due to aidely totung. The origin’s action was at murder, because the prosecutor saw a cover intent and the murder of the lower economy.

The cover intent constructed from an alleged previous accident in which the defendant Alperen T. a motorist to have driven off the mirror. The following driver escape then the 75-year pensioners had come to death. Death have the defendant appropriately accepted, so the prosecutor’s office (conditional intent). This art design proved to be too shaky in the trial. After interrogation of the car driver and a reviewer, the court did not see sufficient evidence for the fact that the first accident had taken place at all.

The lower, love the court with a psychological report clear. The prosecutor threw Alperen T. to satisfy his valor with the YouTube videos and to be an adrenaline junkie. However, the psychologist could not make a personal sense. The prosecutor threw Alperen T. thereafter instead of murder mutschlag. The defense pladged on aquatic totung with a punishment of under 2 years, so that the punishment can be suspended for preservation. Every sharp verdict is a keynability to an accusation under the beginning, so the defense.

The ultimate verdict was on a declining totung in the crime with a capacity dazzling and advanced driving without a driving license. The judge praised the defendants for his cooperative and repentance after the arrest, but still elected the punishment with 2 years and 9 months, so that the now convicted into the priority must take place as in the case of initial stations ubrow a preservation penalty (punishment under 2 years of prison). Currently, another razor process with dead is guided in Berlin, too, the prosecutor’s office rose with the indictment at murder in the negotiations.

You will find a detailed description of this traffic-skill of interesting process at the Weser courier, which has accompanied the case export. You will find the final article here and below on the previous messages.

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