Yokohama gives care tips for caravan tires

Yokohama gives care tips for caravan tires

Munchen, 9. June 2009 – A tire place at the housing stander is a nightmare for camping vacationers. First, it sounds paradox, but especially if the mobile dwelling is moved comparatively rarely, your Pneus is exposed to special wear risks. Tire manufacturer Yokohama blows what should be considered at the Handle Tires.

Change every ten years late

Tires that are rarely moved, are particularly fast. The reason: the plasticizers contained in the rubber compound, which protect the tire from curing and cracking, act only when the tire is changed during the ride. Anyone who can move his team by extended supply to a speed of 100 km / h, must change the rubber-seaming of his caravan anyway according to the instructions at the latest every six years. For everyone else applies: Even without legal regulation, a tire change after eight to ten years is recommended here.

How old is the tire?

Information about the age of the tires gives the respective dot number on the tire flank. The short dot stands for "Department of Transportation" – The US Department of Transport has introduced the date marking obligation first. Behind the Dot short is a number that is quite easy to go. Thus, the number sequence means 2409 that the tire in the 24. Calendar week of the year 2009. Also interesting for trailer drivers: the Li number pregnant at the tire flank. This so-called load index is an indication of the maximum probability of a single tire. So one means a "100" For example, a resilience of 800 kilograms per pneu. A translation table for the Li figures will give Yokohama online.

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