X5 and x6: the first all-wheeller of the m gmbh

X5 and x6: the first all-wheeller of the m gmbh

Munchen, 6. April 2009 – Amazing actually that it took so long: For the first time, there is a BMW of M GmbH as a four-wheel model, in fact even two: the BMW X5 m and the x6 m, but of course also come with neat multi-performance.

555 hp from 4.4 liters

Both receive a new V8 turbomotor generated from 4.4 liters capacity 555 hp. Thus, the two power SUVs are the strongest vehicles that bore the M emblem so far. The two turbochargers of the eight-cylinder with cylinder bank-umbrella-end exhaust brumes fulfill the two models thanks to Launch Control to an acceleration of 4.7 seconds on Tempo 100. Between 1500 and 5650 tours is the maximum torque of 680 nm. The highest speed is electronically controlled at 250 km / h, with the optional M Driver’s Package are 275 km / h. According to BMW, both the X5 m and the x6 m averaging 13.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Visually, the powerful duo will be back. Auber enlarged air fosses on the front, four tailpipes and a suggested diffuser, the two M-SUVs distinguishes nothing of the more civilian variants. In addition, the black plastic parts were reduced in the lower part of the body.


The SEQUENCIAL M transmission with seven gears known from previous models had to switch the six-speed M sports automatic. The transducer automatic is operated via an electronic gear selector lever in the center console. In addition to the D mode, the driver of S and M mode are available, which are characterized by an even more athletic circuit characteristic. The election lever on "M" can be changed by means of the aluminum switch paddles on the steering wheel – with compressed switching times. In addition, the inserted gear is kept up to the engine highest speed and there is no automatic switching on.

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