Written in rust and overall: nat wants to replace ls

Written in Rust and overall: NAT wants to replace LS

Under the name NAT, a new tool appears, with which MacOS users can display files on the command line and you can search for them. The project is aimed to replace the Old-ranking LS.

From this, NAT differs primarily through two things: On the one hand, the tool is completely written in Rust, on the other hand, it should be significantly more outlined the ie. To achieve this, NAT is colored the results so that the user can separate them at a glance.

In addition, the program exists every time what column is. Specifically, in each line can find information about the right, the rough, last change, the associated group and the user as well as the file name. The construction is therefore a slightly others than standard mabig with LS with -L.

Also, LS can instruct users with the option –Color (GNU) or -G (BSD) to create the results. NAT can also search for files, there is enough one -F. Here you can optionally specify the desired directory. For this purpose, however, on the Linux command line is classically for use.

Shortly after the start of the project, NAT is already in version 1.0.7 before. Interested users find it on Github, it is under the free co-license. Other developers have also made themselves having LS: EXA, for example, has a similar goal like NAT and builds the results comparable, but differs from the support of Git.

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