Women among themselves

The success of "SEX AND THE CITY"

Soon the TV series is"SEX AND THE CITY" also in Germany. Although she did not go for years every day, she was one of the most successful series of recent years. What is different here than in other TV series?

TV series often want "the true life" Position, but then – especially in soap operas – rather an unrealistic kitschlefe, which is shown either by the pink glasses or on the contrary only from a disaster into the next stumbling. Many cliches are served – families often live together in the style of the 50s, as a single wants to be a just one "Eternal Stenz" Monaco Franz.

The four single women in "SEX AND THE CITY" On the other hand, talk too open and cheeky, if not ordinary about manner and sex – and on television. And even though they refer very specifically to their New York microcosm, somewhat his acquaintances again recognizes it – whether the man-murdering Pr-Mrs. Samantha or the rather recovering gallery Charlotte, but nonetheless of the art Families her intimacy zone on a 5 x 8 meter Current canvas paint or set a vibrator so much that the girlfriends must confiscate the hastily in the cuddly dye hidden device to get them out of the house and on the slopes.

Women among themselves

The cult series started in 1998 on the American pay-TV channel HBO (Home Box Office). In Germany, you then ranked in free TV with a few years on PRO 7. In the meantime, Pro 7 has caught up and sends the German translation of the last season only a few months after the US original. And there are now all possible utensils for the fan – from special SATC parties About the DVDs of all episodes to the blackhead Black head released book to the series.

Women fudged from the series addressed and finally no longer under the prere of the "Miss Perfect" Set, because even the sex columnist Carrie occurs regularly in grease pitches, in her dream appearance on the catwalk in the dream dress and fantastically expensive shoes nightmare in front of gathered audience for a long time or – in US television previously completely unthinkable – in bed pupst. Manner in turn could learn what women really think about them and especially talk – or simply amuse themselves about the four chaos women. Singles in general are glad to finally see their problems as the nightmare to emerge alone at a party full of couples or to wake up in a student bood in a student bood in the morning, in which the toilet paper is missing, because the last blatter is just instead of filters in the Coffee machine are ended. Since the stories are written by a whole autorenteam, for variety is taken care of.

From the confirmation of German gardening payments or the telenovelas with daily routine, to which the unspeciable "Good times Bad Times" pays in TV series like sex and the city in any case nothing more to traces. But after six seasons is now concluded because the actors now have other tarpaulins and it is known to stop when it is mostly.

Women among themselves

Follow this now in time "Desperate Housewives"What sounds like one of the sailing spam mails could represent the lives of sex-and-the-city women, if they are finally finished with man and children in a suburban house. The American lifestyle is heavily taken on the shell.

The transfer from the US pay TV to the German free TV is no longer held here, but the new series is only eleven days after the US start in original language also started in Germany in Pay-TV Premiere – thanks to internet and the global Exchange of experience in forums is obviously no longer want to wait until the fans start to swap MPEG files of their new favorite series on the net because it takes years to translate them. Other series will now be launched in Germany in pay TV only shortly after the US and the original sound. If you have success there, you will also tackle the expensive translation for the normal audience.

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