Isny, 29. January 2014 – The growing motorhome market also brings advanced customer needs with new entrants and thus leads to creative ideas at the motorhome farmers. Young example is the Dethleffs Evan, the compact motorhome and family vanishing. The basis of the fully integrated is the Fiat Ducato beloved from the RV spout with diesel engines between 115 and 177 hp. His designers at Dethleffs, Michael Studer, explains the name as "Efficient Versatile Automobile Next Generation". With an electromobile, the Evan has nothing to do, but with flexibility and efficiency.

Open architecture allows flexible use

Striking is the openness of the Evan. So he offers thanks to wide entry-level stitch and additional hatch of gross comfort. The Evan offers three-point belt-secured seats and sleeping facilities for up to six people. A cake line including a refrigerator, a central seating group and a shower make the travelers independent. However, it is deserted on a cassette toilet and delivers the Evan instead with a completely removable solution.

A double bed can be lowered in the form of a hub bed over the cockpit, another is created from the seating group. Of course, the Evan can not be coarse in all the gross train of his architecture inside. Therefore, if necessary, a position must provide the place for a third two bed. The factory-mounted diesel heater and an insulation floor should give the mobile a certain cold convenience, where you can imagine winter camping with (optional) built-in roof already sporty.

For the Grobstadt, the motorhome should be better than the usual fully integrated. On the one hand, his for motorhome conditions facilitate unusually short front and rear overhange manovriers, also at 5.65 meters long and 2.15 meters wide the parking search no unclear task more. The wheelbase measures 3.45 meters. Practical to load are a wide tour on the side and a way on request extrabined hatchet. This makes it possible for example, the boxes from the new wardrobe from the mobel house.

The Evan is available in three different equipment lines and with two floor plans. The price starts at 56.599 Euro for the equipment Active with 115 hp, for a minimum price of 68.599 Euro is the top model performance with 148 hp. For surcharge, engines with 177 hp are also available.

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