With artificial intelligence against the duration jam

With artificial intelligence against the duration jam

If, as now the holidays go to an end, it is always particularly tight on Germany’s highways. But even some inner states soon the traffic infarction could be threatened if about the boom of online trading continues as so far. A problem with this: Many people who allow their driving route to calculate by navigation or strain app, are only based on the route for themselves as optimally displayed. Do the hundreds at the same time, can also clog alternative ways quickly. The traffic jam next to the traffic jam.

"We want to repair traffic," says Sebastian Heise. That may sound a little pathetic. But the coalist of the Hanover company Graphmasters has developed an approach with colleagues, which could contribute at least to a significant reduction of bottlenecks.

Dynamic routing of all participants

It’s about a technology that constantly relieves the route tarpaulin of all connected customers. Such a dynamic routing does not ie "selfish" start-target combinations, but has steady all individual proposals as well as several traffic models in view – if necessary is readjusted in real time, predictions and real location refer to each other. The procedure that works in the background also learns. The basic idea: Artificial intelligence (ki) instead of making rigid algorithms in traffic usable.

Steer traffic load, reduce emissions

Heise sees common methods that we know from radio like the Internet, at the limit: "Not the forecasts in itself are the problem. But the reactions of road users to the forecasts. It lacks meaningful recommendations for action."Better control was able to help us get away from pure limiting debates such as the diesel theme. Not alone, how much traffic arises, be relevant – as well as how to organize the existing traffic load. "So I can save significantly more emissions in the end," says Heise.

Kernstuck is the platform now. On the cloud computing procedure, it can be up to 24 per minute.Adjust the 000 route plan – based on around one and a half million raw data. According to Graphmasters estimates, the optimizations of the paths drove thanks to "Schwarzniptelligenz" the participant in the fact that alone by using in courier services per year approximately 7700 tonnes of fewer carbon dioxide.

Aviates "Bottle Halse" in simulations

Media Informatics Heise completes the system in a primary center on the edge Hannovers based on multiple diagrams. One shows a huge point cloud, which sets traffic flow vehicles per minute – and measured driving speed on a three-lane highway partial piece into the ratio. Another gives the connection of traffic density vehicles per kilometer and pace again. In both cases one sees that already different combinations only these values can have a considerable influence on the formation of possible congestion.

For each individual, an optimal and the plan of other not "hazardous" route to develop, requires enormous computing power. "We have given the now to external service providers," says Heise. The result of two simulations for Berlin and Beijing he throws on another screen: without dynamic guided cars collecting cars soon to neuralgic points on the digital map – when using fewer main routes, the even in a megacity happens comparatively quickly. With the Ki in the hindquarters, however, significantly less red "bottle neck" in the animation.

Customers are delivery services, fairs, city

The "Collaborative Routing" is interested in private and state customers. Among other things, the fairs Koln and Hannover, the parcel service Hermes, the post office in Austria, the city of Salzburg, bus companies and delivery services or the traffic management headquarters (VMZ) in Hannover the systems of Graphmasters. The latter also uses the route recommendations for arrival and parking control at GribeVents.

"Meanwhile, we are so in a position to direct the traffic where we want them," says Holger this year from the VMZ. He is there with other employees and officials from the Hanover region as well as the Federal Economic and Ministry of Lower Saxony for coordination. "Also, because we are a registration office for the traffic life service, it is good to work with the system."

Also involve traffic light control

This is especially useful for exhibitions or concerts. "The advantage compared to the normal Navi is that we can set up active corridors," says this year. For example, visitors will be targeted to park-and-ride flat outside the center. "At Rammstein and Phil Collins, everything was sold out. But some guests paid, they had not noticed that thousands of others were traveling."At the agricultural engineering fair Agritechnica, bus charges from all over Germany have come relatively irrelevant to and from the country.

The ADAC hold "collectively coupled routing" for future-of-the-art. "Often are also overloaded," says Felix Kaufmann, spokesman for technology and environment at the Auto Club, with a view of the holiday office. Systems such as NOV should also be brought together even more with the infrastructure ("Car-to-X Communication") such as traffic light controls. "The goal is to incrude traffic throughout the strip network. And if the network is more powerful, there are fewer traffic jams and emissions and more traffic safety."

Also in logistics, the technology has spoken around – especially if factors such as high limits or entry restrictions are taken into account by the Ki. Touring planning often pays every second, says Carsten Hansen from the Federal Association Package and Express Logistics. Dynamic routing Konne increases efficiency and security: "You get that, ideally, the loading of the vehicles with the navigation and for delivery with the final devices of the deliverer couples."At the end, we love to save – which was allowed to look forward to some of the delivery dates burdened by the mailing traffic.

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