Wissmann: according to vw-affare “not play on defensive”

The scandal about manipulated exhaust values at Volkswagen is according to Matthias Wissmann, Prasident of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), also a wake-up call for stricter exams. The debate on a sharp supervision of the national co-authorities and more realistic tests at EU level are accompanied by "with support and commitment," he said on Wednesday evening at the New Year’s reception of the industry in Berlin: "We will be proactive in all these topics and not on defensive to play."

With a view to the exhaust-affare, Wissmann said that "also a few new steps have to be made to ensure the integer of the Prufregimes in Germany and Europe". From a "budget" or mix of interest between automakers and agents such as the Federal Motor Trade Office (KBA), which see critics from environmental organizations, do not speech. Nevertheless, in September 2015 in the United States, false indications of nitric oxide values for diesel engines of Volkswagen have been an incision in an otherwise successful car year 2015.

The VDA boss compared the development with the up and down of April weather. After the Automesse Iaa in Spatsummer then "something like the hail" came. Wissmann wishes VW boss Matthias Muller who was in the audience, "Gluck and Success" at the enclosure. The auto industry he took protection against flat-rate judgments. "So clear I say" Manipulation does not work, "so clearly, I say: The very majority of our industry’s workers – even in one company – behaves properly."In addition, the diesel is further necessary as" Brand Technology "to comply with the stricter specifications on the CO2 outstand at European level.

Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobindt (CSU) said in terms of the diesel debacle at Volkswagen: "I welfare well that we have not only had to deal with the joyous developments in the automotive industry this year, but also with the work-up of the past."In 2016, however, a year, in which central decisions had to succeed for the expansion of the previously sluggish electromobility in Germany. "Now it’s about doing the next level of steps," Dobrindt said to discuss new mermissions such as the purchase programs proposed by the SPD for electric cars, which he rejects so far. "For me, at least it is clear: we need a federal program for the stronger expansion of the loading infrastructure. And we need a program to indicate the market hood of the E-vehicles."

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