Winter tires significantly more expensive – municipalities order more streusalz

Motorists have to take much deeper in the pocket this year for winter tires. Due to the increased raw material prices for rubber, the prices for winter tires have risen by an average of 9.2 percent, such as the carrier of the Federal Association of Tire Trading and Volcanoiser Crafts in Bonn, Hans-Jurgen Drechsler, the news agency DPA said. The industry now move back to the price level of 2006.

For the tire manufacturers you can see after delivery gambles last year well rusted for the expected rising demand for winter tires. "We have been preparing winter tires since May and will continue to produce until December. So we can also react to strong demand", said Continental spokesman Klaus Engelhardt in Hanover.

The French tire manufacturer Michelin expects an increasing demand, as France, Luxembourg, Great Britain and Italy also wanted to import a winter tire requirement, like the Business week had reported.

The ADAC shared the comments of the two industry. There were significantly more tires this year produced and delivered, Adac spokesman Andreas Holzel in Munchen said. Last year, because of the importation of the winter tire obligation for cars in Germany, there has been a rough demand and delivery fittings.

The winter tire may exist in Germany between October and May. Driver of cars, motorcycles or scooters, which are then on with black ice, snowdrinks or snowmapping, must have mature M + S marking. However, the winter tire ordinance is a rubber argraph in the word in the words, since the name M + S is not protected and thus not guaranteed is that a pneu is actually winter suitable for this purpose.

Meanwhile, after two hard winters in a row with Streusalz scarcity and smooth threads, the municipalities are now warming up for the cold season. Many city and municipalities have not only ordered much more earlier, but also significantly more streusalz than in previous years. The spokesman of the salt producer ESCO, Holger Bekemeier, the dpa. "This is a violent effect that the last two winters have caused. The order behavior of our customers has changed significantly." ESCO is according to its own information in Europe’s leading salt supplier.

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