Winter tire requirement also applies to the drivers of rental cars

Winter tire requirement also applies to the drivers of rental cars

Hannover, 30. November 2010 – The young dawn of winter tires also affects the drivers of car hire. This includes, among other things, the ADAC. According to the automotive club, it is the driver’s attention to pay attention to whether the car is sophisticated with M + S tires when he is on winter strain ratios. If you then get caught with summer tires, risks a bub money of 40 or 80 euros as well as a point in Flensburg.

Cancel booking

Car rental customers should therefore consult winter tires in the winter months and pride a written booking confirmation or print the document on the online booking. Only those who can prove, just have booked a car with winter tires, can refuse to accept a car with summer pneus. Otherwise, the car rental company had a claim to the rental price, even if the customer does not move the car, Maximilian Maurer from the ADAC. The responsibility for that at a certain time at a certain place with summer tires can be durable, lying in the driver and not at the vehicle owner (here: car rental).

90 percent winter

A spokeswoman of Europcar explained opposite Heise cars that overlike 90 percent of the current rental vehicle fleet (including trucks) according to the on 29. November Ingested StVO Change Winter Maintenance are frosted. Competitor Sixt gives this value at 95 percent. A spokesman explored in this context that a car is only for six months in the Sixt-Flehrpark. According to the delivery dates, the vehicles were then ordered at the manufacturer with winter or summer tires.

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