Winter grain looks catch-up for battery technology and economical engines

Martin Winterkorn believes that the German automakers and suppliers will need about ten years until they have caught up the lead of the Japanese manufacturers in battery technology. That said the Volkswagen boss yesterday at the World Mobility Forum in Stuttgart. It argere him that Germany was once fuhrend in battery technology. This projection have you given up unnecessarily and is now lagging significantly in the lithium-ion battery behind. "We will catch up with in the next ten years. But as long as it will take."

The question of whether VW will speed up the development by taking over a battery manufacturer, Nonely winter grain: VW wool does not want to take a manufacturer, but you want to understand the battery technology that will incorporate into the cars. The electric drive clearly prioritized in front of the fuel cell. Batteries are ideal to use approximately at night and hardly used electricity for mobilitate. In the case of hydrogen, on the other hand, there are still too many questions about the production and distribution of hydrogen.

Once again, Winter Grain criticized the EU tarpaulin to limit the CO2 outskirts and called for a transitional period. Short-term introduction in the EU until 2012 is not to be created and was at the VW Group on penalties of around four billion euros.

Winfried Hermann, Transport Politician spokesman for Bundis’90 / Grunen, on the other hand, Winterkorn’s statement criticized. "They just ame that they are permanently exceeding the limits. But they have to do everything to comply with these limit values. It’s not to say: We build up gross cars. If you build rough cars, you have to save a lot."Hermann also called on the manufacturers from economic reasons to make the cars more economical and thus more environmentally friendly. Premium vehicles with continued high gasoline consumption were only badly selling worldwide after his comments.

Winter grain, however, also the car houses for co-responsibly for that fuel-saving cars like the three-liter vehicles VW Lupo 3L and the Audi A2 of Audi were no market success. "Maybe we were with these models to suddenly on the market, today both models were sure to run better."Already it should be noted that there is a renaissance of smaller and consumable engines. Winter grain: "From 2008 to 2009, the share of smaller engines almost doubles with us."

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