Wind turbine expansion is not quite going

Wind turbine expansion is not quite going

The expansion of wind power on land does not get properly. The number of newly installed wind ratings in Germany was more than twice as high in the first six months 2020 as in the same period of the previous year – but it was still the second-rich expansion half of the past 15 years. This is from leading figures of the expert agency wind energy to the country that the DPA is available.

By the end of June, 186 wind turbines were put into operation with a gross performance of 587 MW nationwide. Because old plants were shut down, the netozubau was 528 megawatts. New wind turbines are much more powerful than old. Between January and June last year, 81 wind turbines had gone to the grid with a total output of 271 MW.

Central pillar of the energy transition

Most new wind turbines went to the premier numbers in the first half of the year in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. In all federal tags auf the three city states Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen new wind ratings were built.

Okostrom from Wind is a central pillar of the energy transition – the transition of fossils on climate-friendly renewable energy sources. For some time but the expansion is up to the wind power on land. As the main, long approval procedures apply, too few flat for new wind farms and many complaints of residents. There are often significant protests on site.

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