Wind saen: on the way in the new vw scirocco

Wind saen: on the way in the new vw scirocco

Lisbon (Portugal), 4. July 2008 – one knows the problem from the "Dream factory": Rare is a sequel, ie the x-te continuation of a cinema classic, to the first edition. Exceptions are the rule: some Hollywood star, who has already lived through all the high and depths, bruises in the age again correctly and sits himself a monument. Such encouraged, the VW developers have dared to revive their seventies-year-year icon scirocco. At the Geneva automotive salon, the premiere of the evergreen Wolfsburgs was added with enthusiasm. We wanted to find out on the asphalt, if behind the revival is more than hot custodian air.

In the blood of his years

And so it also does not surprise that VW wants to beat the Brucke immediately for the eternally crunchy ur model at the driving printers of the new Scirocco in Portugal. Three copies of the edgy ancestor have brought the Wolfsburgs with Lisbon. From the chubby second Scirocco, which seemed so sexy as the Spate Elvis in the wife trouser suit, lacks the VW event at the Atlantic Cust.

Close to the concept

Fans and experts reacted with mixed cumbers when the Lower Saxony conceded their revival intentions for the Scirocco for the first time. Even as the courageous IROC study was presented, were still not all critics convinced. "They do not build anyway." Incorrectly thought! Praiseworthy are the makers from Wolfsburg in the design of the new SCIROCCO only a few meters of cracked. When first contact with the poison green bullet I am surprised how well the car looks like in reality. And with this opinion, I do not seem to be alone: at the exit by Lisbon, the Scirocco excited more astelle than a pack of Retriever puppies. Young people in panned seats twisted the head, old men remain while walking over the crosswalking tire in the middle of the strain and look at the car, policemen pursue me to the parking lot to leave the crunchy modern VW.

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