Wind game: the renault wind in drive

Wind game: the renault wind in drive

Nice, 2. July 2010 – Two-sided cabrios are rar gasket, especially if they should be reasonable. That’s why Renault deserves recognition, especially since the entry price of 16.900 euros also young people give the chance to realize the dream of a convertible. After models such as Opel Tigra or Ford Streetka have passed from the market, the French also occupy the market of small roadster pretty exclusively, so good conditions for a market success. "wind" The small folding roofcabriol is called on the 17. September 2010 will be presented at the handlers. We were able to drive him for the first time.

Looks like a Renault

The wind is 3.80 meters long and is exactly between Twingo (3.60 meters) and Clio (4.00 meters). The compact mobile platform comes from the second generation Clio RS and thus also forms the basis for Twingo Renault Sport. His Renault origin can not deny the crevious shaped car: the wind looks at the typical Renault face, on the pages, the Twingo Tour Handles. The wide B-suits are pulled up to the treatments. At the rear there are the lights known from other Renaults.

Trunk always holds 270 liters

We stow our luggage in 270 liters of rough trunk. The loading edge is quite high, the opening cut closely and two struts to serve body stiffness are something in the way. Nevertheless, this suitcase compartment has an invariable advantage: It always remains the same rough, no matter if the roof is open, or closed. This is achieved by a trick. Like a shell, only the upper part of the tail cover, where the folding roof finds its place. How it comes there, we’ll reveal later.

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