Will apple only decide on the auto project in 2017?

Apple takes a distance from the plan according to a media report to develop a separate car and wants to decide to the end of the project until the end of the year. Currently the idea is more to develop software for autonomous driving, today wrote the financial service Bloomberg.

Apple was given the flexibility to cooperate either with the car industry or in the end but to build a separate vehicle, caught it, citing informed persons. Several hundred employees had left the project now. Apple did not want to comment on the information on Monday.

about Apple’s plans for the Autogeschaft is speculated since early 2015, while the Group itself just covered this. Bloomberg had reported in July, the focus was shifting more to the development of software for autonomous vehicles instead of building your own electric car. In September reported New York Times then, Apple started to test self-driving cars. The robot cars were on their way to eingeschrankten routes shielded environment. After that there were reports of purchase negotiations with the racing car company McLaren. The British then explained species, however, there were no conversations.

This year, Apple has already surprisingly invested a billion dollars in the Chinese driving service mediator Didi Chuxing. CEO Tim Cook spoke of a strategic investment in the overcomers.

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