Wid interlagos from brazil: refreshes the alpine back?

Wid interlagos from brazil: refreshes the alpine back?

Brazil, 12. February 2008 – Only real connoisseurs will still be reminiscent of the Interlagos, which was built in the mid-60s based on a Renault Alpine 108. Two Brazilian designers are now planning to revive the sports car.

Historical backround

The Frenchman Jean Redele Grundete in 1955 The company Alpine, Father Renault Alpine. The company made sports cars in small series using Renault components. The bodies were mostly made of fiberglass and fell through their extra-habitable optics, which was far ahead of their time. In the years 1958 and 59, the transition took place from the first Alpine A106 to the A108. The platform frame was maintained except for some detailed modifications. Only on the engine technology there were a few changes.

From 1959 the new Alpine A108 won and was introduced as a coupe and as a convertible. In 1961, Redele contacted Willys Overland in Brazil, where a year later, the A108 was built in license and marketed under the name Interlagos. The Interlagos was the first to produced in series sports cars of Brazil.

An idea adopts form

With this history in the back of mind, the two designers and autofan Joao Paulo Cunha Melo and Felipe Guimaraes Coelho decided to revive the legend. With current 3D software and taking into account the basic forms and relevance of the original car, they developed a new concept of interlagos. Like the legendary original, the new Interlagos should come on the market as a priced two-seater with Renault technology. The dimensions give the designers with 3.87 meters long, 1.78 meters wide and 1.15 meters high, weighing 1000 kilograms. In the engine compartment a transversely built two-liter four-cylinder engine with 142 hp should do the work. The chassis is supposed to be made of aluminum, the aubenhulle as in the original A108 made of plastic.

What is missing is a potent financier who supports the project. Renault Kame there as called. In the end of November, the British magazine Autocar reported, Renault Wool already launched a new Alpine in 2009.

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