Waymo builds own factory for level-4-robocars

The alphabet daughter Waymo will build its own manufacturing facilities for self-propelled motor vehicles. With support by Magna, serial vehicles with Waymos technology should be umenated on autonomous operation. The standard models serving as a starting base come to further from Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover.

Waymos Factory will emerge in the Sudwest Michigans, so near Detroits and the border with Canada,. In the region is the center of the automotive industry North America. Other US states wanted to have Waymos’s first factory, but Michigan sat down thanks to million subsidies.

"The project should generate investments of private hand of $ 13.6 million and create a hundred workplaces, with potential of up to 400 workplaces, resulting in a power-based subsidy from the Michigan Business Development Program of up to eight million dollars", Has the state Michigan Economic Development Corporation communicated on Tuesday, "Michigan was given preference to a number of other states." The subsidies come from the Michigan State Fund.

Waymo is now in search of a concrete location. "It becomes the first factory in the world dedicated to a hundred percent of the mass production of autonomous vehicles from Level 4", It is called in a blog post of Google sister company.

Level 4 ("High automation") Is the second highest degree of automation according to SAE standard J3016. The vehicle ride in certain environments and under certain operating conditions without a person. If the conditions change, a human is invited to take over the control. If he does not react, the car continues to control autonomously. This can mean that the car on the strain edge ride and anhalt.

Waymo also liked the snowy Michigan for more demanding test drives than in the first company region Phoenix, Arizona, may. Already Waymo operates a small facility in the city of Novi, a suburb of Michigans, where about 20 people with the surrounding of Minivans are employed.

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