Wankel range extender audi a1 e-tron

Wankel range extender audi a1 e-tron

Ingolstadt, 2. Marz 2010 – Development service providers such as AVL from Graz or the FEV from Aachen have been dealt with the Wankel engine as a generator drive in Range-Extender hybrids for a long time with the Wankel engine. The logic behind it: If the internal combustion engine is only required on long-range routes, for which the battery capacity is not enough, it may also be a wankel – especially as it builds particularly compact and run a vibration arm. In addition, his consumption disadvantage comes less if he rarely has to do service and operate quasi stationary. Audi has received and shows in Geneva the A1 E-Tron with a Wankel Range Extender, or otherwise: an electric car, which does not slack even with empty battery.

Electric in the city

But in turn: under the name "E-tron" Audi wants to launch Audi from 2012 electro cars. The A1 E-TRON is now at the Geneva Auto Salon of 4. Until 14. Marz 2010 show another game of the topic. The secondary is designed according to Audi for the seashore use in metropolitan areas. The main component of the A1 E-TRON is the E-machine, a transverse in the bow placed synchronous motor. Your continuous performance amounts to 45 kW (61 hp), short-term are 75 kW peak performance possible. From the stand out of 150 nm maximum torque can be weighed, the peak value is at 240 nm. On a gear with several gears, Audi renounces what makes the E-Tron probably to a pronounced city car, because "around" If the efficiency of an electric motor is not ideal – similar to an internal combustion engine, he benefits from a transmission, although less gear. To choose the driving steps in the E-Tron – here "before", "Return" and "Neutral" – Serves a retractable electoral lever on the console of the Mittel tunnel.

Three hours load

In the engine compartment, the power electronics sits on the electric motor. Their most important components are the pulse change inverter, which serves as a controller between electric motor and battery, as well as equal­current­Converter and the loading module. Behind the Audi rings in the grill lies the socket for the unit load plug. In the A1 E-TRON, important ancillary units are electrified, such as the cold device compressor of the air conditioner – otherwise the internal combustion engine is state-of-the-art, which is not always available here. Also interesting is the brake system, where the rear brakes electro­be mechanically. Among other things, this has the simple advantage that no hydraulics must be laid backwards. In addition, there is the electricity for recuperation and brake phases quasi again. Whether there is a mechanical decline level, Audi does not make it close, but it appears unnecessary because the front wheels are brimized hydraulically in a classical way.

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