Waldmeister: subaru forester with new snout

Waldmeister: subaru forester with new snout

Tokyo (Japan), 27. December 2007 – As so often, SUBARU seeks his own way with the forester: the crossover vehicle with permanent four-wheel drive looks like a sport Utity Vehicle, but is not much higher than a station wagon with only 1.59 meters. The appearance is represented by the front, which clearly reminiscent of offroaders. This is changed in the new generation, which now rolls in Japan. The snout now reminiscents with its dynamic appearance rather on limousines. Even for business dates, the car should now be suitable, so subaru.

Third generation eleven centimeters high

The first generation of the forester, whose English name means Forster, started in 1997. The second, yet current variant appeared in 2002. The third edition is now eleven centimeters of high and almost five centimeters wider. So the new forester with 1.70 meters is even a few centimeters high than about a BMW X5. Also the wheelbase growth around nine centimeters, so that the interior is increased. The off-road properties were improved by optimized boshing angle front and rear as well as by one – depending on the version – by one to two centimeters of high ground freedom.

Three variants

In total, three model variants are offered. The second.0x and the 2.0xS are equipment versions, both of which are driven by a 2.0-liter boxer engine. Exact information about the aggregate is not yet out of Subaru. According to the power and torque diagram of the four-cylinder gasoline, the values do not differ greatly from those of the old engine. The old forester 2.0x put 158 hp and 186 Newton meters available. Thanks to a newly developed DOHC cylinder head and a special valve system called AVCS (Active Valve Control System), however, the fuel consumption has been lowered, so subaru. According to the manufacturer, the old model was 9.3 liters to 100 kilometers. Also the course of the torque curve at low and at high speeds should have been improved.

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