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Afghanistan: A solution must urge the table

Baghat Singh sold at the Gross Kabuler market tea, saffron and dried fruit. He has been doing that for decades, but soon it is. "I will leave the country. My whole family is already flooded. They are worried about me", says Singh, who belonged to the minority of the Sikh. He is one of the last of them.

Not only in recent decades, but since July last year, numerous Sikh families have left Afghanistan. At that time, Avtar Singh Khalsa, who went to his religious group as a parliamentary candidate, was killed together with 19 other Sikh by an IS-attack in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

"Meanwhile, there are only some dozen families throughout the country. Once we were tens of thousands. That’s so sad", Says Singh. He continues to consider proud Afghan, but his view falls into the future of Afghanistan’s Duster. Otherwise the opposite peace negotiations with the Taliban is not much. In April, the peace negotiations in Doha had to go to the next round.

It was of one "Intra-Afghan dialogue" the speech. In the end, the meeting was canceled due to differences between Taliban and Kabuler government. For problems, above all, the list of participants made the government called 250 representatives. The Taliban then responded with mockery and said that it was about talking about "No Afghan wedding" trade.

Most Afghans pursue the negotiations with the rough hope of experiencing an end to war. But many are skeptical for good reason. "I can not believe that the power game around Afghanistan is actually an end. So politics just does not run. The people who suffer from, we are – the simple people", Says Shams Ul-Haqq, a bookhandler from Kabul. In all the decades in which war and destruction afghanistan haunts, he did not leave the country. His shelves are fully fault with new book titles.

In addition to school and university teachers, Hitler are popular in addition to school and universities "My fight" as well as the biography of Che Guevara. "These are last reseller. Says much about the political failure in this country, is not true?", he adds cynically.

Previous discussion rounds with the Taliban took place in the last few months both in Qatar and in Russia. Always missed the Kabul government of Prasident Ashraf Ghani. This was not only criticized by some political observers, but also from many other Afghans. "This constellation was problematic from the start. A peace can not come about," Says Mohammad Iqbal, a student from the capital. He says that the Afghan government was undermined by the actions of the Americans.

The intra-Afghan conversation round in Qatar should now be started again. This has both the Taliban and the Politis elite for ex-prasident Hamid Karzai at a youngest meeting in Moscow announced. The occasion of the meeting was the anniversary of Russian-Afghan relations, the Karzai with Russia’s Aufemister Sergei Lawrow, as well as with chief diplomat and long-term afghanistan-sent Zamir Kabulov celebrated.

mullah "Baradar" – released on prere from the USA

However, the focus was again the Taliban delegation from Qatar, especially her fuhrer Mullah Abdul Ghani Akhud, also known as Mullah "Baradar" (Persian for "Brothers"), who for the first time in Moscow (!) Colorful and thus got a face. For years, similar to Taliban-Grunder Mullah Omar, false pictures baradars in circulation. He got the nickname from Mullah Omar himself, who once considered him because of the mutual nearby as a brother. Until October 2018 Baradar was in Pakistan captivity. He was released on prere from the US to initiate peacekeeping.

However, there is still the question in the room to what extent these talks are ready. Not only does that have to do with the Taliban, which is always afghanen dead, but also with the Kabul government. Critics are of the opinion that Ghanis government has no interest in the speech anyway and, from the beginning, said.

"The Kabul Government is the fact that the participation of so many guests is unrealistic. It only wants to sabotage the organization of the talk, so that they do not take place in the best case", Does the student Rahim Laghmani, who still campaigned in 2014 made the election campaign for Ashraf Ghani.

In addition, in this context, internal government disputes came. In view of the list of government published in April, Atta Mohammad Noor said that Governor of Ghani of the Office Governor of the North Province of Balkh was not reflecting the political realities. "The Jihad is ignored", So noor in a statement. This refers to the low attendance of former Mudschaheddin commander from the environment of Noors Party "Jamiat-E Islami".

"The government is always laughable"

In Kabul you do not seem surprised to be surprised. "The government is always laughable. These people do not even come out with each other. How should they negotiate with the enemy – the Taliban -?", Buchhandler Shams Ul-Haqq, while he brings together his books and finished another working day.

The Doha Institute, which was responsible for the organization of the event, but emphasized that the Innafghan sponsors were only postponed and not terminated to be terminated. At the same time, the US government made her regret over the failed conference and had mainly for Kabul critical words.

That a solution of the Afghanistan war urgently needs on the table, make the youngest UN numbers clearly. According to the current report for the first quarter of 2019, at least 532 civilians were killed between January and Marz. Since the beginning of the payment, for the first time, there were more deaths through government troops and the US militar attacks than by joining up-to-date groups such as Taliban and IS.

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