Wage chest and chaos: apple application-ready wistron gets preservation

Wage chest and chaos: Apple application-ready Wistron gets preservation

For now, Apple does not want to give new orders to the finished Wistron, as it came to destruction by employees in the iPhone plant in Sudindia. According to the exception of the incident, working hours in the factory were not correctly recorded in the factory "Some workers" to delayed payments in October and November, like the news agency Reuters reported. WISTRON MUSSE THE STOOBS AGAINST APPLES Behavior rules for suppliers now outdoor.

Disagrees around payments

In the iPhone plant in the nearby Bengaluru, in mid-December, it had come to violent protests in mid-December: around 2000 workers destructed according to reports inventory and assembly systems after they had gotten less and lower leaning. About 100 workers were arrested afterwards. Wistron initially spoke about 60 million US dollars and referred "Unknown individuals from outside with unclear intentions" As a trousing later, the damage mM was corrected to around 7 million US dollars. Wistron rushed at the weekend Reuters Once workers were not paid point. You have made mistakes in the fast expansion of the still young work and will therefore also fire the top manager of the India business.

According to a study of local authorities, the number of workers in the Wistron plant, which have only been operational since September has been within a short time from 5000 to Uber 10.000 More than doubled, with a coarse part of it, it should be temporary workers. Among other things, the iPhone SE is manufactured in the work. The local HR department has not been properly cropped with labor law, it is called in the report. There are about more reproach Verstobe – in addition to wage jerk Standen it was also come to underpayment – and overall poor working conditions. They would continue TESTING the work and wanted to ensure that all workers "paid fully" be emphasized Apple.

are of independent China

The incident could retard Apple’s plans for a rapid expansion of iPhone production in India. To erschlieben the huge Indian smartphone market and reduce dependence on China for iPhone finishing, builds Apple for several years production capacities in India and continued to mainly on Wistron. Apple’s contract manufacturer Foxconn and Pegatron will start production in India in short, the news agency.

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