Vw welcomes the collection of ursula piech to the supervisory board

The planned collection of Ursula Piech in the VW Supervisory Board also stabbed approval on the board of the largest European car manufacturer, the company is on the side of the company. The wife of Supervisory Board Ferdinand Piech will continue to promote the Group after his conviction, VW-boss Martin Winterkorn said on Monday at the presentation of the 2011 corporate balance in Wolfsburg: "Mrs. Piech is a woman I know for many years and that is a very competent and entrepreneurious personality." AutoPatriarch Ferdinand Piech wants to compete in a few weeks in a few weeks for more fun years. The coarse actions Porsche SE and the state of Lower Saxony, as well as the VW works council, had already approved on Sunday of the candidacy of his wife Ursula Piech for the control panel.

Now Ursula Piech is considered one of VW’s most influential people. Even without office is the 55-year prusser. For many decisions in the Group, it is an important factor, it is called under insiders. At public appearances as last on the Motor Show in Geneva she is always sitting with her husband in the first row, beside himself. Now the influence of the 55-year-old is still to grow: In the VW Supervisory Board, Ursula Piech and her 74-year-old man were represented as a couple. In foundations, to which Ferdinand Piech has transferred his company-enhanced, Ursula Piech is already the deputy of her husband and thus has a strong position.

The Easter Richer, who has been married to Ferdinand Piech since 1984, once led a kindergarten and was a child with the Piechs. So she got to know him too. The blonde is described by insiders as a fun-loving and eloquent woman who "a high affinity" to cars and knew how the Volkswagen Group with his complicated braid "tick". She was "Naturally" remained and do not fall off, but it is also power-conscious.

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