Vw: up with new gearbox, polo with strong savings zin

Vw: up with new gearbox, polo with strong savings zin

Wolfsburg, 1. June 2012 – at VW, the new model year starts a bit more than for most other manufacturers. The changes in existing models in the series lasted in June. We introduce what’s new with up and polo of the 2013 year.

Up with ASG

The VW UP is now also available with automated manual transmission (ASG). The gearbox is only available for the equipment MOVE UP and HIGH UP, the basic model remains ahead. Surcharge and performance for this variant are not yet fixed.

Save expeders

New is in the polo of the 1.2 TSI in conjunction with the "BlueMotion Technology" package. The engine makes 105 hp and should consume against the normal model in the NEFZ 0.3 l / 100 km less. The BlueMotion surcharge amounts to 400 euros. For a current fuel price of about 1.60 euros per liter, the customer saves 48 cents per 100 km – so it will take a long time until you have this extra charge again. The rear drum brakes are replaced with disc brakes in the 85 hp Polo version now.

Digital radio

In the new model year VW now offers for many models Digital Audio Broadcasting in its latest form DAB +. The difference to the previous DAB, so without +, is in a different compression. The strong compressed DAB + should not sound worse than his transaction. The new devices are exhaustive, the old ones needed a firmware update, which is made difficult by the frequently used hardware decoders. In the polo, the DAB + -meman costs 220 euros extra, but sets at least the radio RCD 310, which costs 660 euros in most polos.

In some models VW now offers the packages "Business", "Business Premium" and "Highline Plus". Their scope varies depending on the model. In the polo, the business package contains the navigation system RNS 310, the telephone preparation plus, a multimedia mask and a tempomat. The surcharge is 1495 euros.

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