Vw up! Lite: new hybrid study in los angeles

Vw up! Lite: new hybrid study in los angeles

Wolfsburg / Los Angeles, 3. December 2009 – Waiting for the VW Hybrid: Although the technical requirements are apparently in Wolfsburg, there is still a clear envision for a compact hybrid model. Sure, a successful hybrid vehicle is also a Battery Technology affordable for the customer. And also the short vehicle electronics can not be developed incidentally. Nevertheless, it will be so slow time, many things will say, because Toyota and Honda have been able to generate their hybrid compacts in the market.

Small diesel hybrid

Now vw shows on the Los Angeles Auto Show (4. to 13. December 2009) The savings study up! Lite. The four-seat hybrid car is to consume on average only 2.44 liters to 100 kilometers, accordingly 65 g / km CO2 per kilometer emit. The drive consists of a small turbo diesel, an electric motor and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The CW value is 0.237.

Only 695 kilograms

The in "Liquid Blue Metallic" lacquered up! Lite is 3.84 meters long, 1.40 meters high and 1.60 meters wide. The body consists of steel and carbon fiber. The up! Lite strikes behind a steep gear sports car, the wide shoulder area should remember the scirocco, some viewers are also volvo "Snow White" in mind. At the back, the rough glass flap of the tailgate, the LED jerk lights and the fog prere lights integrated into the stobbar. In the front stobic catcher, the counterparts of these lights can be found as fog lights. The 695 kilogram lightweight Volkswagen is based on large parts on components of the new series "New Small Family", the end of 2011 should come to the market.

Small electric motor

Drive heart stuck of the up! Lite is a newly constructed two-cylinder turbodiesel engine 0.8 TDI with a capacity of 38 kW (51 hp). The electric motor is designed as a pulse start module: it serves as a starter, alternator and electric drive. The 10 kW strong engine should provide for a relief of the TDI and for additional thrust (boost) as well as the jerking kinetic energy (recuperation). During the boost phases – approximately to pick up – according to VW, a total output of the TDI and electric motor of 48 kW (65 hp).

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