Vw t5 rockton: transporter fur-grobe

Vw t5 rockton: transporter fur-grobe

Hannover, 2. December 2010 – The VW Transporter T5 should be in the version "Rock" be suitable for use away from attached threads. With all-wheel drive, special tires and underrun protection, the rockon was allowed tolerate more than many SUVs. He was presented in September 2010 at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hannover.

All-wheel drive is series

The basis of rock sound is the van combi. A highlight by 30 millimeters, a differential lock on the rear axle and the standard all-wheel drive 4Motion should be measured on unpaved strain. Suspension and malfunctions were stanned and tailored. Series mab are a heater and auxiliary heating in the passenger compartment as well as an air filter for use in dust rich countries. The seats are covered with sturdy material that should be easier to clean. The Vans Rockton is powered by 2.0-liter TDI engines with 140 or 180 hp and has a series-mabig over a six-speed manual transmission.


For the extreme off-road insert, the 140-horsepower version of the T5 Rockton with "expedition"-Equipment available. Then are coarse-tolly erasers, understated steel wheels and an off-road gearbox with on board. The optional "Protection"-Package for the rockon and the variant with "expedition"-Equipping costs 3808 euros. Go to the package is a underrun protection, the engine, gear, tank, sill, rear axle differential and the main sound steamer protected. With other special equipment, the rock sound should be individually tailored to almost every commitment. Prices for Rockton start at 41.109 euros.

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