Vw t5 multivan 4motion: learn the allrad bulli

Vw t5 multivan 4motion: learn the allrad bulli

Tegernsee, 23. February 2010 – 1975 Gustav Mayer, at the time of the VW Transporter, makes its dream true: a Bulli with all-wheel drive he wants to build, even if there is no official order from Wolfsburg. Secretly quiet and quiet is nevertheless from existing parts of the "T2 Allrad prototype" Developed and tested. But the cuddly, air-boiled rear boxer does not create it in series production. Only in 1985 comes his square successor to the market as T3 Syncro.

Facelift on all fours

After the Front-driven T5 already received a facelift and new engines in the fall of 2009, the 4Motion models are now also. Instead of pump-Duse aggregates with five cylinders now come four-cylinder diesel with common rail injection. The two strongest stored motorizations with 140 and 180 hp can also be combined with the permanent four-wheel drive. After all, every tenth T5 was last ordered as a 4Motion variant.

New: 4Motion with DSG

The modified four-wheel system of the T5 now has a new lamellar clutch: This comes from the Swedish partner Haldex and is not mechanical than before, but electronically controlled. The power flow to the rear roll can thus be varied infinitely. In extreme cases, even a torque distribution of up to 100 percent to the rear axle is possible. The traction loss of individual raders should be prevented by the electronic differential lock by active brake engagement. NEW for the T5 is also the combination of all-wheel drive and the excerpt gentle and without tensile force loss switching double-clutch transmission DSG.

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