Vw: studby staff should retain job

With a clear Dementi, the Volkswagen Group has rejected an allegedly approaching job degradation as a wrong. That Manager magazine reported the Volkswagen wanted his austerity rates. Hours "far more than 10.000 "Workplaces on the game. Already until the middle of 2016, the management wool in the yield passenger car core brand VW "massive" to the jobs. The Group shared on Thursday: "We point this message strictly back. We are firm to our regular workforce."

Also VW works council Bernd Osterloh moved a red line: prerequisite for teamwork at the desired austerity price is "the company’s warranty that is safe and remains safe". At the Volkswagen, around 120.000 people a house collective agreement. There is a support security that previously automatically demands. Theoretically she could be exploited by the employer side. However, this was used lead times with sound periods. It can also be amed that such a rationale – so she was on behalf of a considerable degree in the workforce. For this spring, the next negotiation is around the new budget race, which still runs until the end of May. Then the peace requires also.

The 120.000 VW employees work at the Locations Wolfsburg, Hannover, Salzgitter, Braunschweig, Emden and Kassel. The IG Metall has a huge organizing strong in the VW workforce. According to Manager magazine If the new VW brand chief Herbert, Herbert continues to give its austerity price and pages clearly a mark in 2016 at the Renditschwachen car core brand. The sheet wrote, so this would be spat at the latest in the Fruhsommer "also massive to the workplaces". It would not be enough to use the ax only with the approximately 7,000 temporary workers of Volkswagen AG. It also goes to firmly busy employees of the regular workforce. The speech is internal "of far more than 10.000 hazardous jobs ".

In mid-November 2015, this was said to the German Press Agency: "I do not see any threat for the regular workforce."He announced, however, to put the temporary work on the prud. In the middle of December 2015, this followed the first consequences in Saxony: the contract of 600 temporary workers at the Zwickau site should expire in two stages in 2016. Alternatives for them in the Group are to be sought, for example with the group sister brands Audi or Porsche. Osterloh said the dpa On Thursday: "Economy and staff are co-ranking company goals at Volkswagen. That’s for us: We and the workforce are actively involved in increasing productivity."Therefore, in addition to realistic goals, the company’s warranty is that the jobs are safe and remain. "We will not be supported another way within the meaning of the workers."

From Supervisory Board Circles announced on Thursday, a job reduction in the mentioned dimension is not a topic. For this, the car manufacturer already had to break away coarsely parts of his production. Despite the exhaust scandal, VW has not yet received no significant "diesel effects" or loss of trust in the sale. However, the high production depth is long controversial at VW. The car manufacturer makes many tasks that otherwise do suppliers are in-house. The works council stresses, however, that is competitive and can be measured with the suppliers.

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