Vw separates in the dispute between board member ostling

The Volkswagen Group separated in the dispute of commercial vehicle executive Leif Ostling. The long-term boss of the truck daughter Scania has his office surprisingly to 1. Marz 2015 must settle, reports the business magazine Balance Calling on group circles. In fact, in the VW website, Estling has no longer dived since the beginning of Marz as the board. A group speaker expert on Friday an opinion. The fact that Ostling leaves the board this year was foreseeable, since ex-Daimler board andreas Renschler Ostling Amt had took over in early February. This change has been official for one year.

At that time, the Group announced that Ostling will continue to "play a significant role in the supervisory bodies of the Volkswagen Group for the commercial vehicle sector". According to information of the dpa was originally planned a certain time between Renchler and Ostling, only then he should become supervisors. In this respect, East’s leaving from the Board of March 2015 is generously faster than planned, but not as a surprising.

But loud Balance the tablecloth between Eastling and Volkswagen is now generally cut. The highlight of the quarrels is to be an Eastling statement in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, which he made this week at the car fair in Geneva. It was about the co-determination of the employees at Scania. Ostling told the sheet against better knowledge that the Scania workforce at factory displacements or disclosures do not possess veto right. But that should be according to the Ostling knows, very well be the case.

As a VW peculiarity, the employee side in the Supervisory Board has the exercise-taking power, location displacements or disclosures to block. The consolidated alliance of the heavy commercial vehicles of Scania and Man should be at Volkswagen under the roof of their own truck holding. For her, there should be its own supervisory board. To dpa-Information should also be designed by this Supervisory Board of Supervisory Board based on the circumstances of the Group Supervisory Board.

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