Vw: sales record and new plant in china

Europe’s largest carmaker Volkswagen has sold more vehicles last year than ever before. Sales of the VW brand grew by 13.1 percent, shared the company today in Wolfsburg. A total of 5.1 million cars were delivered to customers all over the world, 2010 were 4.5 million.

Volkswagen AG posted mainly on the growth markets in Asia Rough Zurwaxes. In China, sales of the VW brand grew by 13.8 percent to 1.72 million vehicles. There Volkswagen wants to build another new work by 2014 to comply with the growing demand on the big car market in the world. The new factory in Ningbo in the East Chinese Province of Zhejiang is aimed for a capacity of 300.000 vehicles in the year, the company shared in Beijing.

VW wants to invest around 14 billion euros in China until 2016. Already until 2014, three million Volkswagen should be built. "China has become one of the largest and one of the most important market for the Volkswagen Group", said VW-China boss Karl-Thomas Neumann.

The new plant in Ningbo is built by Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW), the joint venture with the Chinese partner Shanghai Automotive (SAIC). There, several thousand employees should be staffed. So far, there are works in Shanghai, Nanjing and one in Yizheng (Jiangsu Province) under construction. The second VW joint venture with First Automotive Works (FAW) in China also has works in Changchun, Chengdu and another in Sudchina in planning.

In the entire Asia / Pacific area, the VW brand recorded a delivery system from 16.6 percent to 1.93 million vehicles. In India, sales grew by 151.0 percent to 76.000 vehicles, in the US by 26.3 percent to around 324.000. In Russia, the delivery figures laid by more than 100 percent to 118.000 too. Overall in North America, VW increased sales by 22.2 percent to almost 500.000, in Sudamerika, the growth, however, fell 2.2 percent to 772.800 cars significantly lower.

VW was also satisfied with the development in Europe: Volkswagen could grow much stronger than the market overall. In Europe, the car sales increased by 3.6 percent, VW delivered 11.2 percent more vehicles, a total of 1.72 million.

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