Vw: reorganization of bonus payments

Vw: reorganization of bonus payments

After violent criticism of bonus payments for the VW managers, the Group wants to create new rules for the houses of the lodging flee. "The current system needs change," writes VW Financial Officer Frank Witter in a letter to the Investor Chris Hohn, who last made the Group in a writing prere. "We will address this as part of our strategy discussion," writes Witter in the letter, the multiple media on Wednesday.

But the Group will take time to carefully work out a new system. The new 2025 strategy should be presented before the summer break 2016. Details of a new spirit system not called Witter. But you have a balance between fairness and transparency on the one, and attractiveness of the group for talents on the other side.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that 46 complaints of owners of a car from VW have been submitted to Braunschweig in the course of the exhaust scandal. They were either sudden to the respective seller of the vehicle, a car dealership or Volkswagen AG, at reflection of the purchase contract or the Group as a manufacturer for damages, the court announced on Wednesday. In addition, 114 claims for damages of investors was now available against the Group. They all complain that Volkswagen informed the stock market for Spat on the threatening consequences of millions of diesel’s threatening consequences.

Already in the coming week on the district court, a first judgment of judgment in the process of an audibeseater against a dealership should be made, strolled it. For June and July, five more negotiations are scheduled. The nationwide compensating compensation for investors are all negotiated in Braunschweig. By contrast, the complaints of car owners can also be decided on other dishes. Decisive here is the place of jurisdiction of the defendant. In many cases, car owners have had no success with complaints.

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