Vw: production of the us passat with diesel stopped

Volkswagen has stopped the production of Passat models with diesel engine in the US plant in Chattanooga in the US state of Tennessee according to a media report. While the petrol engine of the model year 2016 should arrive at US contract painters at the end of the month or early December, the production of diesel vehicles had been suspended in the middle class sedan, reported Automobile News Calling on a factory spokesman in his online edition. VW was initially not available for comment.

The production is despite the 18th. September 2015 has been continued by the US Environment Agody of EPOs launched exhaust scandals, it is called in the report. Volkswagen admitted to have been manipulated in the US in the US in the US emissions tests of diesel engines through software. The sale of affected cars of the model years 2015 and 2016 had been stopped afterwards.

Despite the exhaust scandal, top managers of the auto industry have defended the diesel engine. "The diesel engine is fundamental for us to achieve the CO2 goals," said BMW boss Harald Kruger on Tuesday evening in Berlin at the presentation of the car price "The Golden Steering Wheel". Similarly, Opel-Chef Karl-Thomas Neumann looked. The Diesel Stobe 15 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2) as a gasoline. Neumann said, the entire industry stands under general suspicion. But this is not justified.

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