Vw: polo tgi and golf tgi with coarse tank

Vw: polo tgi and golf tgi with coarse tank

The step was the step for a long time, now Volkswagen finally completed: the natural gas versions of Polo and Golf receive a large CNG tank, the Golf also a new machine with more power.

Known base

Almost two years ago, Volkswagen promised an excessive commitment to the topic of natural gas as an alternative to gasoline and diesel. Terrible a lot has happened since that. Now at least some movement comes into the matter: like Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon also gets the current VW Golf a new CNG drive. It is the well-known 1.5-liter gasoline engine that has been enhanced with natural gas. This makes 130 hp and offers a maximum torque of 200 Nm between 1400 and 4000 / min. Thanks to this increase, the driving performance promised by the factory. VW now calls 9.6 seconds in the standard sprint and 206 km / h highest speed. The previous VW Golf 1.4 TGI with 110 hp was stated at 10.9 seconds and 194 km / h.

In the WLTP, VW calls 3.5 to 3.6 kg of natural gas. The tank is extended by a third bottle, which is significantly smaller than the two previously installed so far. Therefore, the stock does not increase to 22.5 kilograms, as has been the case with three identical bottles, but only a lean 2.3 kg on 17.3 kg. The new container does not consists of a composite like the others, but steel. In the past, there were significant problems in the past: by a corrosion-related material course, some tanks are bursting, several people were sometimes seriously injured. VW speaks of a "special coating" of the steel tank, which should prevent the ability.

Smaller gasoline tank

To place space for the third bottle, the gasoline tank was reduced radically: instead of 50 he only holds 9 liters. The total range is significantly lower, yet this redistribution is useful. Because if you have liked the huge surcharge for the CNG version, once again you have to be dangerous with natural gas possible with natural gas. The gasoline reserve carries the Gulf Locker 150 km far, which should always be enough to reach the next natural gas petrol station.

Also in the Polo TGI, the storage camps for gasoline and natural gas were redesigned. So far, there was a 40-liter petrol tank and 11.6 kg of natural gas – the latter as in VW Golf TGI distributed on two bottles. Again, not a third bottle of the same size is added, but a much smaller one. The new capacity indicates Volkswagen with 13.8 kg, the gasoline tank only shows 9 liters. The engine itself remains unchanged here: 90 hp and 160 nm. In the test, the Polo TGI was subjectively clearly zoen as a comparable Seat Ibiza with 95-horsepower petrol engine.

The VW Golf TGI costs with at least 26.475 Euro. Unlike the gasoline with 130 hp, he is also in the basic version "Trendline". In the ComfortLine, the supplement is almost 3000 euros: the TSI costs 24.975 euros, the TGI 27.925 euros. At the Polo there is only a price for the TGI "Highline": it costs 21.100 euros and thus not only 2500 euros more than a slightly lively polo highline with 95 hp, but also 500 euros more than a year ago. Sunroof, sound system or DSG is not available for Polo TGI until today.

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