Vw passat variant 1.6 tdi vs. Bmw 316d touring and peugeot 508 sw

Vw passat variant 1.6 tdi vs. Bmw 316d touring and peugeot 508 sw

Munchen, 13. May 2011 – Is it a curse or a blessing for the Passat combination that he is considered in this country as the representative car par excellence? In any case, the payment numbers prove that this is by no means a prejudice: from a total of 66.496 Passat newly approved in 2010 went 88.3 percent to commercial holders, a record rate in the middle class. And so many mileage eaters put on the VW, many families will also trust the quality champion qualitative. Recently, VW sends the Passat to the start. In our comparison, the Wolfsburger has to trade with the brand new Peugeot 508 SW and the already gathered in the years BMW 3er Touring. Can you robble the classprimus from the throne? We love the respective basic diesel VW Passat Variant 1.6 TDI BlueMotion Technology, BMW 316D Touring and Peugeot 508 SW E-HDI FAP 110 EGS6 compete against each other.

Body / interior

Already at first glance on the German-French trio falls on that the BMW is the shortest competitor. With a long of 4.53 meters he undercuts his competitors clearly. The VW is with 4.77 meters significantly long, at Peugeot (4.81 meters), the difference to Bavaria even supplies 28 centimeters. This does not remain without impact on the space in the 316D: for persons over a corner length of 1.85 meters, it will already be tight at the Ruckbank. Especially the legroom is at best sufficient, although the wheelbase with 2.76 meters is even above that of the Passat. Also at the trunk there are 3rd passengers surprise: in the luggage compartment of the touring fit between 460 and 1385 liters. After all, the BMW scores serial mabig with a sold-out rear window.

Significantly more has to offer the back of the 508 SW, can be stowed away between 560 and 1598 liters. In addition, the Frenchman rejects the occupants with coarse space ratios – thank you with 2.82 meters long in the test field. The fashionable-elegant Apere also brings disadvantages with themselves: the rear roof line, in the club with wide D-soule and a narrow rear window for a bad view, is brings with it. It is all the more susceptible that Peugeot rear parking lots can not be installed standard.

On a more undercooled design, the Passat also relies after the overworking in autumn 2010. Since then, the chrome latard is at the front area history, even the quite a great VW looks now with the current family face on the strain. There are also modified jerk lights, but nothing has changed on the inner qualities of the Wolfsburger: with a trunk volume of 603 to 1731 liters, the passat in this discipline is attached to the top of the three test candidates. Pluses collect 508 SW and Passat Variant also by a well usable rectangle shape of the packing compartment, as well, the backrests can be unlocked with a lever in the high level of charging.

Peugeot at eye with VW

As a next, we throw a look at the cockpits of our subjects. In the BMW the driver expects a tailor-tailored fitting panel. All Knopfe is captured by hand, the operation of the multimedia area via the iDrive controller on the center console works outstanding after a short entrance time. In terms of material and workmanship, there is nothing to complain about. Highly recommended are the optional sports seats, which glucose with sideline page.

Also top processed is the command center in the Passat, however, the materials used here are a trace of simple. The cockpitry in various black tones is said to be upgraded by chrome elements Werdn, which work on us but something deployed. Inside, the Volkswagen conveys the impression of perfected boredom, but that seems to be part of the success recipes of the Wolfsburg – otherwise this and other VW models could not enjoy so much demand. We liked the entered operation of all important elements, although the Navi screen and the climate control are slightly too deeply attached. In the sitting plates, the leg rest is a little too short, otherwise the armchairs are brushed taut and give good page stop.

We experience a pleasant surprise in Peugeot 508: Both the quality of the plastics and their processing are loosely on Passat level, and the layout of the instruments has become very classy. Also in the Peugeot is a controller in the center console, however, it requires its operation of a longest habitating phase. The same applies to the repeated multifunction steering wheel, which alone has six Knopfe for the cruise control. In addition, the bad small lamps are also available on the keys of the climate control. Nevertheless, our intermediate conclusion is: well brillet, Lowe!

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