Vw passat tsi ecofuel: test drive in the natural gas express

Vw passat tsi ecofuel: test drive in the natural gas express

Wolfsburg, 23. February 2009 – Natural gas (CNG) as a priced fuel alternative has its charm, but for CNG cars, it is evidenced that favorable fuel costs associated with modest performance. Opel and Volkswagen promise outpaths from the dilemma and have brought up charged CNG-capable engines on the market. After we are the Opel Zafira 1 in mid-February.6 CNG Turbo ECOFLEX with 150 hp tested, we now have the opportunity to try the VW Passat Tsi Ecofuel, whose highest performance is equally 150 hp.

Double charging and direct injection

In the natural gas passat, the Wolfsburgs grab their only 1.4 liter large downsizing engine with fuel direct injection and double charging back, which was adapted for the CNG operation. As with the stronger versions of the TSI gasoline engine, the "Twincharger"-Engine by a compressor and a turbocharger: at low speeds, the compressor is caused by the compressor. From about 1500 rpm, the turbocharger turns on and works with the compressor together. At high speeds, the turbocharger works on alone. The wage for this effort is that for a gasoline with such low displacement remarkable maximum torque of 220 Newton meters, which is between 1500 to 4500 rpm, in conjunction with favorable consumption.

Equal to power with gasoline and CNG

The performance of the TSI ECOFUEL amounts to 150 hp. This data applies to both natural gas and gasoline operation – even the power and torque curves published by VW are almost congruent. The natural gas passat is provided standard mab with a six-speed manual switching. At 2075 euros surcharge there is a version with seven-speed DSG.

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