Vw nils: electric avalanches for a person

Vw nils: electric avalanches for a person

Wolfsburg, 2. September 2011 – An electric one-seater know VW for its IAA appearance (15. to 25. September 2011 in Frankfurt am Main). The study Hort on the sympathetic name Nils. With the part of futuristic cars, the Wolfsburgers want to show a way, above all, occupational speakers, as they get to the workplace possible in the future possible in the future, safely and stress-free.

Two airboards for a passenger

The driver of the cabin roller with his narrow, freestanding godders can also, from which side he ends up: Two airboards with slices of light polycarbonate can admit access to the ALU body. At 3.04 meters, Nils is about 30 centimeters long than a smart fortwo. The width of one wheel to the other is modest 1.39 meter. With a high of only 1.20 meters, Nils itself undercuts a Porsche 911 (1.31 meters).

Only nine Zentner hard

With 460 kg, the car is falling, according to VW, all the contemporary crash safety requirements, so easily, that a small electric motor with a continuous power of 15 kW (20 hp) and 25 kW (34 hp) short-term peak power the car up to 130 km / h can accelerate, Tempo 100 is reached after 11 seconds. The engine is in the rear like the above drive components and drives the coarse but narrow rear rim (125/80 to 17-inch rim). The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of just 5.2 kWh – that saves space, costs for the currently still expensive energy storage and charging time: an acclaiming charge continues Vw according to a house socket two hours, the maximum range is 65 kilometers. Furthermore, there is still room for a small luggage compartment, which is accessible from the outside of a flap above the LED jerky.

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