Vw: new commissioner for diesel theme

In view of the continuing problems in the exhaust scandal, Volkswagen has set its own crisis manager at its main brand VW. The previous head of the qualitaires of the Volkswagen, Manfred Bort brand, was appointed "commissioned for the watering of diesel theme in Europe". A VW speaker in Wolfsburg confirmed a report on Sunday Automotive week. With Bort Wool Markenkef Herbert this now "give even more steam on the boiler," the newspaper quoted a Wolfsburg driver.

VW has many problems in the workup of manipulation of exhaust tests of diesel vehicles. So last the jerk of affected Passat vehicles had further delayed. Despite weekly recreations as well as improvements in the new software, Volkswagen has not yet been possible to comply with the predetermined limits. According to a VW speaker of last Tuesday (12. April) If the automaker now wants to change the previous jerking plan and other vehicles – including the Golf – Fruher into the workshops. But VW needs the approval of the motorway federal office.

The Jerklack action as a result of the diesel affare had initially started in January 2016 with the VW-Pickup Amarok. But this concerned only about 8,500 cars. Volkswagen worldwide had built up the forbidden software for more than eleven million cars, which correct the consumption values down at tests. Therefore, around 2.5 million cars have to be umened in Germany.

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