Vw new beetle: erlzonig discovered the new edition

Vw new beetle: erlzonig discovered the new edition

Munchen, 7. October 2010 – From the current VW Beetle there are only a few new cars, which is no miracle, because production ran in the spring of 2010. The successor is scheduled to start early 2011 and has now been sighted as a deconious. Planned are again a limousine and a cabriolet.

Close to the UR cafer

The New-Beetle successor only turns slightly sparkled his last test rounds. Old parts are still used in the Stobschievers, but overall, it is very easy to realize that line management is clearly streamlined. Of course, the classic cafer design should also be the new model central design model. A lowered roof line and a steeper rear closure provide a tighter design and a coarse close to the UR cafer. Also the luggage compartment offers so much space. In the interior, significantly higher materials are used whether it remains in the coarse central instrument, is still unclear.

Debut 2011

Which there is a successor model for the New Beetle, the US market is due to the US market. There, the retro VW is ideal, while in Europe since the market start in 1998 found a rather small fan base. Criticisms were the maby space utilization, cheap materials and a high price. The successor takes place a change from Golf IV technology to those of the sixth generation. In plain language, this is called: Modern TSI and TDI engines, DSG gearboxes, start-stop and assistance systems. The trade fair premiere for the new Beetle is scheduled to take place in Detroit at the beginning of 2011, the convertible version is to deprive only in the autumn of 2011 on the IAA.

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