Vw lies a role in brazilian dictatorship externally

Vw lies a role in brazilian dictatorship externally

The Volkswagen Group gives his work-up to mutual human rights assistance during the militar regime in Brazil a broader basis. "We want to bring light into the dark years of military ictatur and let the behavior of the then responsible for those responsible in Brazil and, if necessary, also in Germany," said the boss of the Executive Board Integratat and Law, Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, on Thursday (3. November 2016). For an independent scientific examination of the excursions to the 1980s, the Group therefore commissioned the historian Christopher Kopper from the University of Bielefeld.

Kopper should start "possible so much" and travel to Brazil for that. Intermediate results, he reports to an internal advisory board. His work was allowed to take a year. The weaving report should "then be made access to a broad public".

Volkswagen has been exposed to the reproach for years, the regime supported between 1964 to 1985 and, for example, to have created black lists on employees. A year ago, Volkswagen had explained at that time chief historian Manfred Grieger, the Group wanted to hire his responsibility for the possible collaboration. "It’s about the confrontation with the wrong thing that happened then," he said after talking to Brazil’s judiciary. Media speculating at the end of 2015 also over reparation payments from VW.

Grieger and the group had broken down. According to information of the DPA, a dispute over the vote requirements for Griegers had been criticized after the analysis of the Nazi among the Group subsidiary Audi had criticized. Volkswagen emphasized, never influenced Griegers research. Youngly taken dozens of historians by open letter Party for Grieger. In it, they also mentioned Brazil: "There are premieges in the room, the company has supported how other German companies supported the breeding torture center Oban and cooperates closely with the secret service of dictatorship. There are aspirations to sweep such delicate themes under the carpet."VW did not uplify itself if and how the Brazil project will be continued without greater.

The Volkswagen Group emphasized on Thursday, Griegers vacant job to occupy again. The head of Group communication, Hans-Gerd Bode, said: "The Volkswagen Group continues to be his historical responsibility. Historical communication plays a very important role. This was never for the disposition."And Hohmann-Desterhardt stressed:" Just as we have already done in the processing of topics such as the Nazi past and the procurement of forced laborers, we will also be the processing of the role of the company in the Brazilian military engineer Drive the offered consequence and sustainability."

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the influential works council demanded a new, independent scientific investigations on the role of the Audi Procedure Auto Union in National Socialism. Occasion is Griegers criticism of which Audi commissioned by Audi itself analysis to "War economy and work assignment at the Auto-Union". The expertise had known the expertise as craftsmanship and tend to be well-reflected.

VW Group Council Bernd Osterloh called "Co-determine" the Group in the works council newspaper, "that the comments from DR. Grieger (…) Is taken into account and here is a further exploration and work-up of the above aspects. We call for an independent historian to use this ". In addition, the external experts of the Young New Grounded Sustainability Advisory Board should be included.

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