Vw examines cooperation with chinese carmaker byd

"Build Your Dreams" works a bit strange as a brand name for automobiles, but not very inappropriate when it comes to the future technology electric car. It is not long ago that some of the Chinese carmaker BYD believled. What he showed about the Detroit Auto Show seemed a matter of home cheeks, the Chinese envisions, on the other hand,. The model E6 should come, for example, as a pure electric car 400 kilometers far,.

In the meantime, the dream builders are obviously taken seriously: Last September, US billionar Warren buffet rose with 10 percent at BYD. A surprise is also today’s announcement of Volkswagen, after the company’s Wang Chuanfu and Martin Winterkorn have signed a "Memorandum of Understanding". The objective of the agreed absorbance between Volkswagen and BYD is to prompt possibilities of cooperation with lithium batteries-operated hybrid and electric vehicles. That sounds a bit vague – but it shows that the Chinese carmaker has now apparently become an interesting partner.

Wang was a guest with a delegation in Isenbuttel and Wolfsburg to try various vehicles such as the Golf Twindrive and the prototypes of an electric vehicle. VW used the opportunity to bring the Chinese Gasten his efforts to almost bring his "planning status" with the "BlueMotion Technologies" fuel savings reports. On the one hand, the car manufacturer wants to further improve the "traditional drives", development board Ulrich Hackenberg also sees the increasing importance of hybrid and electric vehicles. Especially for the Chinese market, in his opinion potential partners such as BYD could help in the movement of the VW accessories.

Volkswagen has created a kind of umbrella brand with "BlueMotion Technologies", which has far more than before. Conceptually, from "BlueMotion" – it was initially only the optimization of diesel cars – it includes, for example, start-stop systems, SCR catalysts, hybrid concepts and electric drive.

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