Vw: employees get pramie, state fund complains

This month, the 120 should.000 VW employees in the house tariff receive their success participation for 2015. "The payment is made with the fee in May," VW Group Council Bernd Osterloh wrote on Whitsun Monday in a letter to the workforce, which was available on a website of IG Metall. For the year 2015, despite the diesel crisis and record losses, 3950 Euro Pramie had been negotiated per capita.

Work Council and Group’s top had decided on Friday the Pramie for the employees. Lower Saxony’s Minister Prosident Stephan Weil (SPD), member of the VW Supervisory Board, cheered the agreement. The dispute over the pramien for the VW constitution continues. SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel criticized it is "madness", "that companies such as the VW in the middle of the largest crisis authorize millions of bonuses". He said to the mirrors: "The rage of people about such practices is giant grob."Gabriel asked his party to" give a voice this anger ".

The record losses in 2015, however, also meet the list: their income is reduced by a normal way in the agreed calculation mode, as the bad business year leaves its traces – as a similar to the bonus of the tariff staff. In addition, the imports first refrain from part of the variable whereabouts, which is reduced to three years and depended on the development of the stock price.

For office VW wants to put more on e-mobilitat. The model range should be significantly expanded until 2020, such as VW Development Management Frank Welsch of the industry magazine Automotive week said. He knows, VW wanted to "focus on purely electric vehicles". In addition, the Wolfsburg want to increase the return. Only so Konne VW "financing the necessary future investments from our own purpose," quoted the sheet from an internal interview with the Head of Group Strategy, Thomas Sedran. If a car does not make a profit, must be discussed if the capital used is not better used otherwise.

New Jurist Arger threatens Volkswagen from his fourth grave shareholder: the state Norwegian pension fund NBIM Kundiger a lawsuit. "As an investor, it is our responsibility to demonstrate the shares of the Fund to Volkswagen," said the NBIM. Fund Top Manager Petter Johnsen said the Financial Times: "The VW management had to know about the manipulation software."The pension fund is a market value of around 750 billion euros of world-growing its kind and just 1.64 percent voting shares in VW. Because of the price losses of the VW share, he had lost hundreds of millions of euros. A VW speaker did not want to comment on the threat. Previously, several institutional investors had already filed claims for damages, also running procedures in the USA. Worldwide threaten billion penalty.

The diesel scandal expands worldwide. The Sudkorean government prevailed on Monday Nissan the manipulation of exhaust values at its diesel SUV Qashqai. The Ministry of the Environment in Seoul rallyed a bub money of 330 million Won (currently about 257.500 euros) and also wants to reimburse criminal charges against the boss of Nissan Korea. Nissan should have used a shutdown device with which the emission control in the vehicles is set in normal driving conditions auberber. The company rejected the premieges.

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