Vw “comfort plus”: extras in the priceless package

Vw 'comfort plus': extras in the priceless package

Wolfsburg, 6. November 2009 – VW evaluates Funf of his model series on request with one "Comfort Plus"-Package on. For Polo, Golf, Golf Plus, Touran and Tiguan are a number of extras for a special price. Depending on the model, according to the manufacturer, a price advantage of up to 1330 euros.

Radio or Navi

Thus, in the package offer, depending on the model, among other things, the air conditioner Climatic or Climatronic, the radiosystem RCD 210 or the navigation system RNS 310, a theft alarm system, a multifunction display, a tempomat, a rain sensor, a automatically dimming inner mirror and a tire control indicator included.

All-inclusive package reloaded

In addition, Volkswagen lays the "All-inclusive package" New to: This mobility program is intended to allow Volkswagen customers a clear calculation of all monthly car cost. It is for all VW models to have the Phaeton. The action financing offers a model-dependent base interest rate for new cars from 1.9 to 3.9 percent. Optionally one can "Credit letter plus" Including free unemployment insurance are chosen.

Service packages in three levels

The additional service packages are available in three steps. The basic package includes maintenance and inspection of the entire contract period, if necessary, including workshop rack. In addition, the extended offer includes a connection warranty and the third service package in addition to a motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance.

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