Vw calls 2.6 million vehicles worldwide

Volkswagen sees itself confronted with one of the largest jerk calls in Group history. There are quality ies worldwide with a good 2.6 million vehicles. It goes to one 800.000 Tiguan models that had to return to the workshops because of repairs on the light, VW divided on Thursday. In addition, VW voluntarily reported an olwitch for worldwide all vehicles with 7-speed double-clutch transmissions that are faulty with synthetic OL. A spokesman said it goes by 1.6 million cars over Funf corporate brands. In addition, the VW commercial vehicle subsidiary reported 239.000 Amaroks for leaks to reduce fuel lines. Details were first unclear.

The Tiguan affects the vehicles built between the beginning of 2008 until mid-2011. In Germany alone, it goes by almost 150.000 car. Excerious is a defective fuse that could lead to partial failure of the light. Volkswagen stressed that no complete loss is drrewing. With the DSG, Volkswagen has been struggling with problems for quite some time. In China, there were already corresponding jerk calls that loaded the balance of the car manufacturer with millions of dyes. The offroder Amarok is 12 in Germany.359 cars affected. The jerk call applies to the amarok built for every year until June this year. Which risks with the poor sprit lines threatened at worst and whether a risk of fire was added, initially unclear remained unclear.

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